Friday, April 27, 2007

I heart my job!

How many times do you hear those words from people?

Well, yesterday was my first day at my new job. It felt like my first day of school. Remember how great those were? You never did any work, you just met your teachers and class mates and got your text books and schedule and usually left a bit early. Well my day yesterday was just like that.

I met the entire organization and I think i'll do an ok job at remembering most people's names. Everyone is really nice and laid back, but let me tell you about the "perks".

Well, as most of you know, i have come from a very small company. There was six of us who worked at the company, and we didn't have very many luxuries. Coming to such a big organization (or is it?), i found so many things really cool!

1) I got one of those cool security swipe passes that you clip to your pants with the extendable leash thingy!

2) I have my own email address now :)

3) I have my own telephone extension

4) I can import my voice mail messages into my email and listen to them as wave files. I can also forward them to other people to listen to!

5) Our copy / mail room has a HUGE hole puncher that can do about 50 sheets at once AND a HUGE stapler that can do about the same! argh i can't wait to use them and not be frustrated by the ones i'm used to that jam all the time!!

6) The photocopier can scan things and send them right to your email or anyone else's email! you can also just scan something and fax it to another person...too cool!

7) we have a little gym in the building

8) we have free coffee machines in the building

9) we have a little cafe for our lunch with 2 microwaves and a huge fridge and all of the drinks are free (pop, juice, tea, water, coffee etc.)!

10) we have picnic tables outside for lunch time

11) i get a parking pass and free parking

12) my cubicle is probably the best cubicle arround. Almost eveyrone (except the execs) share an office or a cubicle! and there's usually 2 or 3 per. I get my own, large cubicle which is nicely tucked into a cozy corner, not too far from the elevator, bathroom and coffee maker, but not too close to them's perfect :)

13) my superierors are THE nicest!

14) i can come and go when i want

15) probably some other cool things i'm forgetting but will sure to post about in the future.

yay for my new job :)

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