Friday, May 29, 2009

Not everything is black and white (but this time it is!)

Ok, i didn't realize it had been THAT long since the last time i wrote. *Sowwy*!

hmm, let's see...what have i been up to lately?

Well for starters, it was damn busy at work last month. Don't get me started, but i was all "HOLY HELL I CAN'T SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!".

Of course, i made it through alive, and have added a few more battle scars to my collection.

I've also been deep into the Twilight Saga (be still my heart) and i'm almost done the last book. Most of my free time has been (happily) occupied with this.

Of course i still spend a lot of time puttering around the house.

Just a few weeks ago, i decided to paint the bannisters in my house. Here's some pics of what it looked like before i started:

And then as i started to paint:

Here's an *almost* finished pic. I later painted the 2 end posts black.

So as i was finishing up the LAST COAT of black paint on the upstairs handrail, i DROPPED the can of paint.

Did you notice the colour of my carpet? It's white.

Yes, i dropped a can of BLACK PAINT down my staris.

My WHITE. CARPET. stairs.

I sat there in shock for a few minutes. Not believing what just happened and not sure what to do about it either. I finally stood up and ran to the kitchen (because of course, i too was covered in black paint) and grabbed armloads of paper towel. I tried to wipe the paint off my legs but i just pushed it around and made a bigger mess. I all but climbed into the kitchen sink to get the paint off my legs which by this time had a burning sensation - grrrreat!

I still didn't know exactly what to do, so i went outside to where Mat was vaccuming my car. I tried not to make eye contact with him as i stuttered something about him needing to go back and rent the steam cleaner again.

Pardon? Oh, did i forget to mention that Mat had just steam-cleaned the carpets the DAY BEFORE?

Well HA HA wouldn't you know it that his wife decided to spill paint on the stairs after instead of before he cleaned them.

Anyway, he asked me why and i said "there's no time to explain, just go". He didn't bite and asked "what happened?"

"i spilled paint" i replied in the smallest voice ever

"where?" Mat asked

by this point, Mat had started to walk towards the house with me walking backwards in front of him.

"on the stairs! Please don't go in there!!" i pleaded. "IT'S EVERYWHERE" i excalimed as i burst into tears.

But he wouldn't listen and opened the door to the house and saw the carnage.

"You have got to be kidding me" was all he said.

i just looked at the floor.

"well, the carpet is ruined. we'll need to replace it" he said.

Now, although i was upset about spilling paint everywhere, the thought of getting new carpets cheered me up a bit. I have wanted new carpets since we moved in, but didn't want to spend the dough. I still really didn't want to spend the money, but at least i'd have pretty new carpets!

Mat went upstairs (i thought he was mad and couldn't stand to be around me and the mess) so i started to try and mop of the mess with some more paper towels. It made things worse because apparently paper towels will absorb anything BUT PAINT. ugh.

Mat came back downstairs and like a doctor to a nurse started to make demands.

"ok, we need the shop vac, a bucket of water and some vinegar. You get the water, and i'll get the shop vac".

I stared at him blankly because i didn't know what he was thinking

"i looked it up on google and apparently this is how you get paint out of carpet" he explained.

i did as i was told and we started diluting the puddles of paint with water and vinegar and sucked it up with the shop vac. over and over and over again. We spent about an hour doing this and wouldn't you know it? the paint was GONE. i swear. you would not know that i had spilled black paint all down the stairs.

When it was all cleaned up, Mat stood up and said "please don't ever do that again".

I still can't believe that it actually happened and that it's actually gone.

So, what have you been up to lately?


SC said...

OMG Roz! Thanks for posting that! PC and I just finished laughing!!!

Poor you. I loved Mat's reaction 'you've GOT to be kidding me'!

I also love how he stepped it into high gear off of the google tip!

I think a mishap like that will make you appreciate your freshly painted banisters even more!

Mireille said...

It looks great Roz!! What an adventure with the paint, though...

Reading about it is hilarious but I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the moment.

New carpets wouldn't have been so bad either... Maybe I should spill black paint at my house. You should come over and help me with that! ;-)

Ms. Porter said...

OMG! When you said you painted the front post black I did think to myself 'God that would be so hard for me with that light carpet'. AHHHHHH! You didn't once swear in your post?????

I am the stain master and in my head I was thinking vinegar, vinegar, vinegar. The truth is, I wash my carpets with a mixture of vinegar and water when I rent the steam cleaner. I never use the soap that you can buy because I find that it leaves a residue on the carpet and while they are clean initially, they tend to get even more dirty within a shorter time (you know with an 85lb black dog and two kids!).

PS-the railing looks awesome, I think I'd like to do ours now.....erm, I'd like to get Bert to do ours now...or maybe I will spill some paint and then have a good excuse for replacing our carpet!

PSS sooo greay to hear from you.

joyce said...

Confession...I've done it too. Not the extreme of black paint on white was white paint on a dusty-rose carpet. It happened in a rental apartment the day before we were supposed to move out. Rob also stayed (relatively) calm enough to clean it out. We still laugh about it to this day...well I laugh...he cringes.

Glad you're back to blogging!

joyce said...

p.s. i read the Twilight series too (borrowed it from my 12 year old niece!)...and unlike most, I was totally Team Jacob!