Friday, June 1, 2007

What's it worth to ya?

Can you really put a price on feeling great?

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and highlighted. It was expensive (ok, very expensive), but i feel it was well worth the hard-earned money spent.

First of all, it's time taken for yourself. You are the only one who matters at that time. You make all of the decisions (how short, layered, fun, crazy, plain you want things).

Everyone is looking after you and waiting on you. People ask you what kind of magazines you might like to read, others ask if they can grab you a tea, coffee, water, juice or biscotti. My colourist even asked me if i had eaten lunch and if she could run out and get something for me (??) to which i turned to her with a quizical, yet flattered look on my face and told her no, thanks. I couldn't in good conscience send someone (other than Mat hehe) out to get me lunch while i sat reading a pile of magazines. Well, not now anyway, maybe when i'm rich and famous (or maybe the next time i'm at the salon now that i know they do that sort of thing).

Then, the best part happens. It feels....wonderful...better than's bliss. It's when all of the playing of your hair and touching of your head takes place. Guys, if you're reading this, you won't understand, but every woman knows that when someone plays with your hair, it feels GOOD. So, i spent 20 minutes looking at myself in the mirror while my artist of a hair stylist combs, cuts, tossles, and scrunches my hair. Wow, starting to feel pretty good at this point.

Then, i move over to the colourist's chair for another 45 minutes while she also brushes, combs and paints highlights onto my hair. At this point, i don't look so hot with all of the tightly wrapped foil packages sitting on my head, but i feel good, and i feel even better knowing i'm going to be even prettier than i was an hour ago.

THEN comes the BEST part. and i mean THE BEST PART. At the salon i frequent, they are all about "the experience". So, when it's time to rinse and wash your hair, they give you a scalp and neck massage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, folks - a scalp and neck massage. You EVEN get to pick out the essential oil you want them to use. I usually go for lavender because the smell is so great. On occasion i choose peppermint because it makes my head feel all *tingly*. Ahhhh......I digress...

So, the massage. This same colourist - who must be sent from heaven - has never washed my hair before, although she has highlighted my hair once before. She. Is. Amazing. She spent extra time washing my hair and scrubbing my head (i started to think maybe it was just really really dirty). It felt sooooooo good having her disolove all of my stress in the shampoo and water. She kept going and going, all the more hitting the "right" spots. My temples, the top of my head, my neck, back to my temples. Honestly, it lasted about 10 minutes. And that was just the shampoo. That wasn't even when they're supposed to give the scalp massage.

By this point, i'm almost alseep. There was no way i was opening my eyes anytime soon.

When she finished washing my hair, it was time to rinse my hair. She did it all over again, but slower. It felt good. She took her time to make sure she went over my temples many times, and she always used the perfect amount of pressure. She even ran her finger nails over my head, which, sounds gross but feels awesome.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. S o r e l a x e d.

I was very close to sleeping by now, and when I got up and moved over to the chair for my blow dry, my eyes looked all watery like i HAD been sleeping. i swear i didn't fall asleep...

So, another 15 minutes of someone other than myself brushing my hair, and rubbing product in it, and styling it. Man, I felt like a million bucks. No, better. I felt like ME on my best day. (And hey, i came out looking pretty good too).

Now, what is THAT feeling worth to you?


andrea said...

That feeling is worth the hole in my credit card. And oh. Yes. I do love a hair wash and head massage. Please tell me, where do you go?

andrea said...

Ack - for some reason I'm not able to sign in with my primary blog. It's me, andrea from the fish bowl. :)

Roz said...

Wow, am I ever flattered that you stopped by!
My salon of choice is Saab Salon.Spa on Bank.
Frank is the owner and the only one who cuts my hair, and Samantha (Sam) is the colourist a.k.a. "Angel" who does my highlights and washed my hair :)