Friday, June 8, 2007

SORRY Michelle

i'm going to "reply" to someone's comment on a comment that i left on another person's blog. I would like to post a comment right back on the blog, but that's not fair to the blogger.

I know this person who left a comment probably won't see this, but like i said, i don't want to start an argument on someone else's blog.

So here's the situation: You can read the original post here, but basically she wrote about how she found a small child left alone and locked inside a minivan on a hot day and how she confronted the parent.

To which i commented:

"oooo….that sort of thing makes me SO. MAD.!. argh. I’m mad just sitting here reading about it.I would have had a LOT more to say to that woman. Like “are you f#*%&^! kidding me???!!”But that’s just me…the kind of person who gives people dirty looks (and occasionally says something) when they park in a handicap spot when they are CLEARLY not handicapped!"

Anyway, i like to check the comments often to see what other people think and i find THIS:

"I just want to make a quick comment to Roz. Not all handicaps are visible and you shouldn’t assume that they don’t need to park there. As long as they have a sticker - assume they have it for a reason. That’s all."

"That's all" ???

Michelle, you don't know me. I don't know you. I'M SORRY that i didn't spell out every. single. word. and every. single. possible. situation.

First of all Michelle, i know aaalllllll about people with handicaps that aren't visible, i don't need a lecture from you about how not all handicaps are visible. My grandmother-in-law is legally blind and doesn't have a white cane, but does have a handicap sticker for her car thankyouverymuch.

Second of all, i was trying to express myself, don't take things so literally...sheesh.

Third of all, OBVIOUSLY if i saw a handicap sticker in someone's window, i would assume that they have it for a reason, and i wouldn't give them a dirty look. I kinda thought that was "assumed".

Lastly, i would like to say, that even when people do have stickers, it's not always for them, but for someone in their family who is disabled (am i even allowed to use that term? Probably not...) who isn't with them, but they figure since they have the sticker, that they can still use the spot.

Believe me. It happens. does. I've witnessed it.

And the worst thing about these people is that they should be the FIRST ones not to use a handicap spot if they don't need to.

Let me ask you dear readers...who among you are tired of being so PC in every situation? Who is tired of wondering what someone might think of you as a person because you used an "incorrect term"? Does every comment or conversation or observation have to be 100% politically correct?


Sarah George said...

Roz: Like you, I enjoy reading other blogs...especially when I come across someone that reminds me or myself. So...I read the blog and comments that you are referring to. I TOTALLY agree with you and think that Michelle took that way too far. And I do know people that aren't handicapped, but use the sticker that belongs to a family member so that they can get a better parking spot. It's drives me crazy.

By the way...for someone that's just contributing to the blogosphere, you have a really good blog.

Have a great weekend!

Roz said...

oh wow, thank you Sarah. Nice to "meet" you. You just made my day and suddenly i don't feel so angry any more :)

Sarah George said...

Thanks so much for responding. wow...I am like a secret blog stalker. Ok, not really. I just hadn't left your blog yet and I saw that you added me. That was so nice!! I have to say, I've only been doing the blog thing for a couple months, and it's super nice to get comments from friends and stuff, but when someone completly random, writes from out of out of the blue...well that's the best!! I'm totally adding you to my blog list of links!

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Hi Roz...

Thanks for reading my blog [pretty in the city]...

Your blog is great, I have read your entries. I hope you won't quit blogging.

My name is melani, I left this comment using my husband's google account.

Best regards..

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Oh... btw, you're very pretty. I love your photos which were taken with your fiancee. ^o^

-pretty in the city-

Bee said...

My husband's Mom has disabilities and both their family cars have a handicapped sticker on 'em. My brother-in-law, who still lives at home, has been known to park in handicapped spots and he is so not handicapped (he gets yelled at by us all the time for this) so yeah it does happen. I agree that people take things too literal sometimes.