Friday, November 9, 2007

Imaginary Friends

Have you ever had imaginary friends?

I don't know why this thought just popped into my head, but it really did "pop" out of no where. Seriously, i just leaned back for a stretch and into my head popped the thought of my sister's imaginary friends.

Yes, folks. My little sister had imaginary friends when she was little.

Is this strange to you? It is to me now that i think about it, but when i was little it never occured to me that this was odd.

In fact, i was quite jealous that she had imaginary friends and i didn't! I wanted so badly for her imaginary friends to also be my imaginary friends, but my sister said "no". Too bad for me, i thought.

My sister's imaginary friends' names were Tina and Ralphy. God knows where she got those names from. No one in our family knew of anyone named Tina OR Ralphy or anything close to those names.

Tina and Ralphy were brother and sister and they lived on the hill in our backyard.

Again, bizzare...i wonder now why they didn't live in the garage or in the sandbox or even in the car in the driveway that we never used. But no, Tina and Ralphy lived on the hill in the backyard.

I can't remember if Tina and Ralphy ever came inside the house to play. Probably, but then i'm sure they left when they were done playing to go back to the hill. Tina and Ralphy lived for many, many years.

My sister also believed in unicorns. Unicorns were her favorite "animal" growing up and she had everything unicorn. Unicorn figurines, unicorn stuffies, unicorn stickers, unicorn books. Everything.

Not only was this something that she collected, but as i mentioned earlier, she believed in unicorns. So much so that she promises that she saw a unicorn on our front lawn one day. Of course, she was the only one in the front yard when the unicorn appeared, but she kept stating convincingly that Yes. She SAW a unicorn. A REAL LIVE unicorn on the front lawn.

I'm sure she would kill me if she knew i just told everyone about her imaginary friends and her unicorn sighting but what are sisters for if not to remind each other of how nerdy and funny we once were?



She Likes Purple said...

I totally had an imaginary friend. Elizabeth. She even signed my autograph book. I was absolutely the girl who talked to herself all day, making up stories and people and conversations. It's a wonder I ever convinced someone to marry me.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week and commenting.

I never had an imaginary friend - we just dreamed what it would be like to have celebrities as friends. And would make up stories about life if that were the case.

Katie said...

Man, I wish I would have seen a unicorn when I was little. That totally would have made my elementary school years!

b*babbler said...

Heh! I never had an imaginary friend. It would have been wonderful to have that type of vivid imagination!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Rozie, It's Kathleen.. so your sister saw a unicorn??? I remember that you were also convinced of something you saw through your window one winter night!

PS. I'm "anonymous" cause I don't have my own blog profile

So Much Fun said...

That is hilarious, my sister had an imaginary friend named "Bobby-bobby Dinosaur" and he lived in our dirty clothes hamper...weird...