Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hi there, howdy, welcome, ola...

Happy New Year Everyone!

First, an apology - there is no excuse for the tremendous lack of posts except that i'm lazy. I admit it - i always have admitted to being lazy. Don't know why i am, but i am.

Things have been going really well around these parts. I quit my last job which was a bit scary, but liberating.

Took 2+ weeks over Christmas.

Went to Phoenix to spend Christmas with a part of my family that i rarely see let alone spend Christmas with. It was so great! Such a break from our usual family get together at Christmas. I think our family really needed it. In 2007 our family lost 2 very important members within a week of each other. Tough times, and if we had tried to celebrate Christmas in the same settings with the same routines but without these 2 people, it would have been very sad and very strange. So thankfully our cousins out in Phoenix hosted us for a week or so.

After Christmas, we all travelled to Las Vegas for new years. SO FUN. Different, mind you, when you spend New Years Eve in Las Vegas with your 60+ dad and 70 (?) Uncle, but still fun and definitely an experience.

When we returned from Vegas, Mat headed back to work, while i still had another 3 days plus a weekend before starting my new job. Unfortunately, we were both sick and there was NO WAY i was calling in sick on my first day, so it was not an easy first few days, but I LOVE MY NEW JOB.

I'm doing what i love, i'm busy, i'm surrounded by smart, young, nice people. I have benefits coming out of the wazoo, i'm so SO happy i took the risk of changing jobs. Change is always hard, but almost always worth it.

I've been at my new job for 3 weeks now and did i mention that i love it? I did? ok, sorry.

Not much else is new around here - we've been doing a bit of painting in our house and had our dear "old" friends visit us from home-home in our new house. Love those guys! We had so much fun and they showered us with cool prezzies :) Can't wait for them to come back again!

Mat and i have almost narrowed down our choices for a venue for our reception. I'm so excitied! Now it really feels like a wedding is on its way. I can envision how the night will play out, and the people we'll see and the everything - getting really excited.

The only part of the wedding (besides $$, and god does it suck how much money weddings cost regardless of how many or how few people you invite) are the bridesmaid dresses. I don't want the "traditional" bridesmaid dresses where they all wear the same dress. I wonder if that's even traditional...

I told the girls that they could wear whatever dress they want so long as it was knee length and in the fall colour family such as red, orange, green, brown. At the time i envisioned this beautiful blend of fall colours, but now i'm worried that there will be too many colours with 3 bridesmaids all wearing a different colour and then mat and i obviously wearing different colours from that and then the groomsmens ties - gah! Must sit down with some magazines and a story board and figure this out before i go crazy!

Last, but certainly not least, my friend Meg just delivered her first baby girl. I am SO EXCITED for her and her husband - i can only imagine how happy they are.

I think that's it.

How are you guys?? I'm still reading your blogs, but not commenting that much as you can tell because i've been a bit busy.

Bye for now :)


SC said...

Yah, your back!!! I was wondering all the about the new job, the house, X-mas, etc. so I am super happy you are back blogging.

Sounds like your break was fantastic.. Vegas is definitely a way I would want to spend New Years atleast once in my lifetime!!

Anyways... just wanted to say a quick hi, and wanted to know if you have a new work email, or if you are still using your yahoo one. Let me know as I would love to get together to do dinner one night and maybe see your house if your up for a visitor!!!

Talk to you soon!

Ms. Porter said...

Ahh you're back! I figured it was the new job actually. I've been bugging you to post more about the wedding, it's so exciting! Welcome back...I've missed you.

She Likes Purple said...

I think the bridesmaids dress idea is lovely! I bet it will look fantastic.

Good to have you back :)

Le Petit Chic said...

It sounds like you've been super busy! So glad that your new job is going well!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Hey! first time stopping by your blog, so I thought i'd say HELLO!

Sarah G. said...

Oh I bet the bridesmaids dresses will be so pretty. I think lots of color will be good. Plus it makes things so much easier on the bridesmaids. Not that it's all about them.

Anyway...I'm so glad I wasn't the only that took a break from blogging.