Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah jeah Laken!


so you all know how we're not supposed to be using our nalgene's anymore. Or anything made from polycarbonate because it leaches bisphenol-A. Crap. the one thing that gets me to drink any sort of water is my non-breakable, completely portable, leak-proof even for a klutz, good looking nalgene.

Now what?

Well, there are alternatives - you can use other types of bottles such as glass and other plastics that are non polycarbonate (for now, until something comes up about those), stainless steel or aluminum.

There's been some buzz about this product line of aluminum bottles called Sigg. As soon as i saw them, i wanted them. They are so chic! slender, great colours and cool designs. If i can't use my nalgene, i must have a sigg!

So off i went to find one for myself. First, of course, i googled them. I found several places in Ottawa that carried them. My first stop was the Papier/Papery. They had 2 kinds - a short blue one, and a big camoflauge one. No thanks. they wouldn't be getting any more until next week. Of course, i can't wait that long, so off i went to the next store on my list - Trailhead in westboro.

I didn't even want to waste time looking around the store for them so i immediately asked the kid behind the counter where the Sigg bottles are. She informed me that they are currently carrying a brand called Laken which is the equivlent to Sigg. She pointed me in the direction of bottles and off i went looking for the perfect one for me.

I was immeidately drawn to the vibrant colours - fuschias, indigos, royal blues, exotic hand reached out to touch the sleek and slender cylinders that hung from their display. There were irresistable. But THEN - my eye caught the most glittery, shiny, sparkly and above all - important - element of the bottles - the PRICE.

I knew these types of bottles were expensive compared to their nalgene counterparts. I had heard of people in the area spending upwards of $30 PER bottle. I was prepared to spend the same if only for the sake of fashion. But i was THRILLED when i saw the beautiful price on the BEAUTIFUL Laken bottles....................$17.99!!!!!

Can i get a W00T W00T???!!!???!

That's nearly half the price of a Sigg bottle and they are the exact same thing and equally gorgeous!

I asked the girl at Trailhead why the price was so crazily different and she shrugged and said that they are the exact same product made with the exact same materials. It's just that Sigg has been seen in a lot of hiking and outdoors magazines lately and people are asking for them (as i did).

I was so happy that i was about to spend almost half of what i thought, that i bought 2 - one for myself and one for Mat. I bought myself a fuschia bottle and i bought Mat a granite bottle.

I cannot wait to use my cool new Laken bottle at work. Heck, at this price, i might even buy one for the treadmill at home :)

Behold, my beautiful Laken:


Lara said...

Awesome deal finding!! I bought our Sigg bottles online from stork. Mine was expensive - but super gorgeous (

Eric's plain equivalent was about $8 cheaper. Either way, laken sounds good too, and I'm all about the metal drinking bottles. I LOVE mine!

Sarah G. said...

Man...I must be living in my own private little world. Not only have I barely heard of the Nalgene bottles, but I definitely didn't know they were bad for you. I guess I'll just stick to my generic store bought water bottles. Yours is super cute though!!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog when I Googled "Love my Laken bottle". Like you I was looking for a Sigg and they were sold out after Christmas, so I put my "want" on the backburner.

While in Bracebridge on Family Day (visiting 96 year old Grandma, how family is that) I actually turned the car around to stop in one of the outdoor stores in town and saw the Laken's for my first time. I went with the same red one as you, but with the wider mouth (no carabiner, and you can fit 2 fingers through lid loop).

I've already emailed my wife from work twice this week just to tell her I love my Laken bottle :).

BTW, you did get a great price as I paid $21.95 for mine and they had the carabiner ones for $24.95.

kgirl said...

How have I not seen these? Ok, I now have a goal for the weekend besides pretending not to hear my kids call me and waiting for the huz to make the coffee!

Anonymous said...

I just had a small circular piece of paint flake off my bottle. The honeymoon might be over already (1 week).

Le Petit Chic said...

Wait, I had no idea about the whole nalgene bottle things. Whoops!