Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wedding update

Do i owe you an update?

yes, i think so - thanks to the 2 people left who might be checking this blog - a BIG thank you.

ok, so updates....

My dress came in (about a month ago - i know, i know...sorry!) i had a nightmare just once that my dress came in the day before my wedding, which didn't bother me, and thankfully it didn't need any alterations, and i wore all day on my wedding and then at the end of the night when it was just myself, Mat and my parents sitting in the empty restaurant after everyone else had gone home, did i notice that my dress was NOT the colour that i had ordered - and i balled, and everyone kept trying to convince me that it was fine because i didn't notice until NOW and it's all over anyway and that it looked great in the colour that it was, but that didn't help me because it was NOT MY DRESS. Dreams are so weird. Needless to say, my dress DID come in the colour that i ordered it in because i checked the tag and it said "platinum". Phew. You have no idea how badly i want to post a picture of the dress, but we'll both have to wait for another 6 months...

We have finalized so many details. We've got the church booked, we've taken our mandatory marriage prep course, we've booked the venue and paid our deposit, we've booked our photographers (yay!), we've got the favours picked out, we've finalized a budget, we've started the invitation design process, we've finalized our flowers (bah! so many flowers!), we've started the cake hunt and the DJ hunt...just a few more things to do and we're still 6 months out . I'm feeling good about this considering i am the world's biggest procrastinator.

So, any tips and advice from those of you who have gone through this? One of my favourite parts of Martha Stewart Weddings is the "One thing i learned" section. Did i mention that i've been collecting Martha Stewart Weddings magazines for 10 years? I have every issue which come out 4 times a year - i have about 40 Martha Stewart Weddings Magazines! It made getting ideas easy!

What are some of the things you're glad you did, or wish you had, or enjoyed at someone else's wedding?


Lara said...

We had a photo frame at the placecard table with photos of Eric and I from childhood up to ones of us together. Baby photos are always a hit ;) The frame is still up in our house and I love it.

Ms. Porter said...

We were married within six months of getting engaged so I didn't really have alot of time to fret and fuss...and I didn't. I just enjoyed my day, and I really did enjoy myself. One regret....that my husband and I didn't take a few moments during the reception to 'celebrate'...I can't explain it but you know how it is when you are the hostess and while you enjoy yourself it's just not the same? I wish we would have taken a few moments where we weren't talking to the guests and just 'felt' the evening. Oh and I love that we ordered pizza and opened our gifts the night of the wedding in our hotel room until the wee hours....and that we didn't go on our honeymoon until a week later.....I could go on and on.

Roz said...

Please! go on!

I will totally need someone to remind me to sit down and take it all in - will you call me at 10:00 pm during the reception and tell me to sit down?? lol

why did you decide to wait a week to go on your honeymoon and what did you do in that week??

SC said...

First off, YAY your alive!

6 months to the wedding... you sound like you have it all in order!!!

One thing I would say is just really try to enjoy yourself and don't let the little things bother you. The day/night goes by sooo quickly, take a moment to really step back and take it all in - because it's one of the best highs you will be on for a while!!!

Erin said...


Long time no chat! I came across this blog about a new show on TLC and their looking for people getting married before Sept. long weekend ... and thought of you! Check it out ..


Le Petit Chic said...

One piece of advice is to expect that something is bound to go wrong. But you know what? It probably won't even matter because you will be so thrilled on your wedding day that you probably won't even notice. Case in point: Hurricane Ernesto hit the day of my wedding. It poured the entire day! The limo was an hour late picking me up because it got into an accident. Power went out several times during our reception. But you know what? At the end of the day, we were married and nothing could damper our happiness :) So yeah, expect the unexpected but don't let it get you down.