Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tee hee

So last week i ordered something online and i have been patiently waiting for it to arrive.

Yesterday, there was a hang tag on my front door from Fedex - they had tried to deliver my order but i wasn't home. They wanted me to sign the hang tag so that they could leave my order there tomorrow if i wasn't home.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow so i called them to arrange to pick it up myself.
As i was speaking to the Fedex agent, he was gathering all of my information so that he could locate my order.

"Here it is" he said. Then he paused and said "Wait.............did you order a Dwight bobblehead??"

i replied: "Umm.....yeah.....and a Michael bobblehead, did they not arrive together????"

Fedex agent: "That's awesome!"


Le Petit Chic said...

Ha ha!! I love that! Are they for work or home?

Ms. Porter said...


Sarah G. said...

That's great! I got Dwight for Christmas a couple years ago from my husband!! LOVE IT!!

Erin said...

I got Barry the Dwight bobblehead for xmas last year - he loved it! "It's me - I'm a bobblehead"! I didn't realize that they have a Micheal one too - now I know what I'll be getting Barry for his bday!