Friday, May 23, 2008

old, new, borrowed, blue


Soooo in case you've been keeping track, my WEDDING is coming up in just over 4 months.


woot woot!

things are getting done, yes, but things are also starting to stress me out.

Here's one small thing that i thought i had pretty much covered, but has now fallen apart.

I'm trying to find things for my "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue". I have the something new and something blue covered (Hi! new dress! new shoes! new EVERYTHING) and i thought i had the something borrowed and something old figured out as well...until a few days ago.

Ok, so for my something old, i was going to wear a family veil. I truly wanted to wear it. It's vintage. It's gorgeous. It's somewhat sentimental. I tried it on with my dress and, they don't seem to like each other very much. In fact, they kinda clash. I knew that they weren't going to match and i was totally fine with that - or so i thought.

When i put the dress and the veil together, they compete with each other as they are both so ornate. On top of that, the veil is a completely different colour, so it really doesn't look right.

For my something borrowed, i thought i would borrow a pair of shoes from someone. Mind you i hadn't asked anyone yet, but i thought surely there was someone out there that would lend me a nice pair of shoes. And then i went and BOUGHT a pair of (gogeous, no less) shoes.

SOOOO i still need a something old and a something borrowed. The 2 most difficult of items to find, wouldn't you agree?

So i'm looking to you guys for suggestions - or handouts. Probably more the handouts than the suggestions, but i'll take me a few suggestions too.


A. & J. said...

what about a broach

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time with these too! I pinned a hankerchief from my grandmother to the inside of my dress (that way I was wearing it - and it was sentimental... but it didn't RUIN my outfit!!!)

Another thing you could do is put a penny in your shoe for luck - this could either be old OR borrowed... OR both!

Hope these help!

Ms. Porter said...

I had to really think about what I had that was old, new, borrowed and's only been eight years! I also borrowed a hankerchief that belonged to my Grandpa who passed away six years before. It was my old and borrowed because it belonged to my Mom, it was one of the few things that she had that belonged to him. My florist incorporated it into my bouquet and it looked great. My brother used it for his wedding as well.

My best friend borrowed my diamond's nice if you can borrow simple jewellery like a bracelet...even a little ankle bracelet if you already have special jewellery to wear.

Le Petit Chic said...

I borrowed my mom's original wedding band and wore it on my right hand. Since we got married in my parent's church, it was even more sentimental! And for my something old, I wore a vintage brooch pinned to the sash on my dress, though I guess my mother's ring could have worked for my something old too!

Veronica G. said...

Hi Roz, I was snooping through Facebook and look where it brought me! I have to tell you I bought a pair of gorgeous earrings, which I gave to my mom and then borrowed for my wedding :) I also bought a pair of white undies which I wore for a few months before (not straight, of course), and they became my something old.
Some might call it cheating, I call it creative and even!

Ms. Porter said...

I miss you Roz....and the wedding is so close but no updates....bummer!!!!! I was so looking forward to all the wedding shibang but none....NONE!!! Humour me????