Thursday, November 20, 2008


Mat and i have been busy (as usual) around the house. Last weekend, while it poured rain, we each tackled our own "little" hands-on project.

Ok, so mine was little and Mat's was... not so little.

I refinished a cutlery box (what else would you call those wooden boxes that you keep your good cutlery in with dividers that separate each kind??) and Mat built shelves in the garage.

The shelves?? They are AWESOME! all the junk is off the floor and onto the shelves all neat and tidy like. I'm a very proud wife and even more proud that Mat didn't lose any fingers with the scary saw. I swear - everytime he turned on the saw, i would stop what i was doing, frozen, until i heard it go off without any screaming like "OWWW I JUST CUT OFF MY FINGER!!"

Seriously people, i am a worry wart when it comes to these things and my stomach was in knots the whole time Mat was in the garage building these shelves. Even when i had to leave the house to get something i was worrying to myself that if something DID happen to him, he would be alone...who would drive him to the hospital? Would he know to put pressure on the wound? Would someone pack his finger in ice and bring it to the hospital?? I kid you not, this is what i thought about until i was back home. And then, when i was home, i worried about him cutting off his finger(s) while i was home because, honestly? I would have panicked and fainted and that wouldn't have helped anyone especially Mat and his severed finger....

Clearly you can tell i'm happy that the shelf-building is finished and the saw is put away for a good long while...

I'll post pics soon, but mine isn't complete yet, and i want to show you the before and after.

So you see how much i care about Mat (see above worrying) now i want to do something for him that shows how great of a wife i am. I want to prove my husband WRONG. Because what marriage isn't about who's right??

You see, La Petite Chic is having a giveaway. She's giving away a wii fit AND I WANT IT BADLY. I want it because it would be so cool and i could work out and have fun at the same time, but i mostly want it to prove Mat wrong. I have asked Mat for a wii fit for a while now, and everytime i do, he laughs at me and says "No, because you will never use it. Just like that treadmill we have sitting over there". But internets, i P-R-O-M-I-S-E you that i wiiiiiill use it :)

So keep your fingers crossed for me. If i win it, you can come over and work out with mii :)

Before i go, i want to say a few belated congratulations to Sara on the arrival of her adorable baby boy, Emery who was born on October 5 (one day after my wedding!) and to Lara who just learned she is having twins! Congrats ladies :)

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Lara said...

and good luck with the wii. although i must admit, we have a wii fit and never use it ;)