Friday, January 9, 2009

Final Sale

Last weekend Mat and i were at the Mall. We didn't have much of a reason to be there except to return a duplicate Christmas gift i had received.

As we were walking around "window shopping" a cute outdoor mat caught my eye. It was 50% off because it was quite "seasonal" although it wasn't exactly Christmas-y. It was of a sweet little bird on a branch with a few snowflakes floating around and "welcome" written at the top.

Since it had a 50% off sticker on it, i couldn't resist buying it for only $10!

As i made my way up to the cash, the cashier asked if that would be all (yes) and proceeded to tell me my total after tax.

I gave her my debit card, paid, and as the cashier was putting the receipt in my bag and handing the bag to me she said "Here you go, just to let you know, this is a final sale".

I gave her an are you kidding me? look and said "You should tell people that BEFORE they buy it".

She looked at me with a blank stare and didnt' say anything - i'm not sure she understood what the problem was.

I probably wouldn't have returned the mat anyway, but if i DID want to, do you think i would have been able to seeing as she didn't tell me it was final sale until after i bought it? Probably not seeing as she stamped the receipt with a red "final sale" stamp.

Some people are kinda dumb, aren't they?


A. & J. said...

she should have said something before, but it seems that you were lucky that she even told you at all. She probably just figured by stamping it, you wouldn't notice.

raino said...

retail madness, retail madness i tell ya!

joyce said...

YES she totally should have told you!

But the mat sounds really cute, by the way.