Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Countryside Automotive in Baden / Kitchener, Ontario - Buyer Beware

I am writing this post because i feel like my power as a consumer has been taken away from me.

A few months ago, i wrote about the problems i encountered when i bought my new-used car.

I am writing this to inform others who are trying to gather some information on this company.

Here is the complaint i have filed with the BBB in it's entirety:

Countryside Automotive
Bob's home address (found on BBB website because mail was returned as undeliverable to work address):
153 Queen St P O Box 5114
Baden, ON N0B 1G0

Bob's work address:
2951 Sandhills Rd. Box 5114
Baden , ON N3A 3B7
519 497-5644

Sunday November 2, 2008
* Test drove Escape. Vehicle ran smooth - no problems and was not misfiring
* Agreed to purchase - signed agreement and paid deposit by debit
* Agreed to pick up vehicle and pay balance one week later

Sunday November 9, 2008
* Picked up Escape
* Paid balance with certified cheque from bank
* Bob mentioned that the vehicle's check engine light was on but assured me that everything was fine
* As I drove the vehicle away, it started to misfire
* Called Bob immediately and returned vehicle
* Bob took vehicle away to his garage to work on it
* Bob retuned with vehicle and promised it was a "bad tank of gas" and said he put gas line antifreeze into it to dry up water. Bob promised the problem was fixed (said over and over it was just a "bad tank of gas").
* Bob promised problem was fixed and that if I encountered any problems he would "take care of you even if you're in Ottawa"
* Arrived in Oshawa (2hr drive) and vehicle was misfiring again (always at 2000 RPM)
* Called Bob and left several messages - no answer

Monday November 10, 2008
* Left vehicle in Oshawa and returned to Ottawa by other means as the Escape manual said that if the check engine light was flashing (which it was) that it could cause further damage if driven.
* My father, who lives in Oshawa, took the vehicle to a Ford Dealership. He was told by the Ford mechanic that a coil was cracked and that it was obvious that the coils had been sprayed with a drying agent to deter water from entering and prevent misfiring.
* Had vehicle repaired. Total cost was $380.57
* Called Bob again and got a hold of him
* Told him vehicle was left in Oshawa and was repaired @ Ford Dealership
* Bob said "no problem" and he will absolutely reimburse me for repairs and to please send him the bill.

Thursday November 13, 2008
* Emailed bill to Bob

Friday November 14, 2008
* Faxed bill to Bob

Friday December 5, 2008
* Cheque had not arrived
* Called Bob and left voicemail saying I hadn't received cheque and making sure he received the bill - no response

Monday December 8, 2008
* Cheque had not arrived.
* Called Bob and spoke to him - he said his wife was writing the cheque and would be sent shortly. Got cut off from phone call. Called back and got voicemail. Left Bob a message saying that if I didn't hear from him that I would assume he has everything he needs to proceed with sending the cheque and that I would expect the cheque by end of the week. No response from Bob.

Tuesday December 16, 2008
* Cheque had not arrived.
* Called Bob - Bob said cheque went out "today" and I should have it by Friday December 19.

Monday December 29, 2008
* Cheque had not arrived.
* Called Bob and left a voicemail. Said that I would wait until Monday January 12, 2009 for cheque and that I will not be trying to contact him from this point on. I said that if I did not receive the cheque by January 12 that I would pursue other means. Followed up with an email and attached delivery a receipt which confirmed delivery of email. Email reiterated same message as voicemail.

Monday January 12, 2009
* Cheque did not arrive.

Wednesday January 21, 2009
* Cheque has still not arrived

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
To be reimbursed for the $380.57 repairs that were done on the vehicle.

BUYER BEWARE of Countryside Automotive in Baden / Kitchener, Ontario.

Although there haven't been any other problems with the car, i have found other complaints / reviews on the internet about this company and Bob (owner/seller/president...)

Save yourself the stress and buy elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear the bad luck you've had with this car dealer :(


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you ever reached any resolution with Bob @ Countryside. Did he EVER get back to you?

Roz said...

Nope - never heard from him. He also never responded to the Better Business Bureau, so they gave him an 'F' grade. I believe he has since changed his technical "address" it's in the same location, but instead of being listed on Sandhills rd, he's listed at Snyders rd which is the same intersection. They've also changed their phone number. An absolute crook.

Cristina & Art said...

I bought a car from him this summer and it wasn't the smoothest transaction. I won't take any shit though and I made that point to him when I test drove the car.
Mazda 626

Anonymous said...

You have 2 years to contact OMVIC..., they will get your money for you. If he dos not may, OMVIC will shut him down.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's going to help but here is the latest information I have on them... Possible they have changed owner since as well.

1465755 Ontario Corp.
Countryside Automotive
Mr. Robert Bricker
430 Snyder's Road
Baden, Ontario N3A 2V7
T: 519-497-5644
F: 519-634-8944

Anonymous said...

I did buy a car from this guy too....the steering wheels was making a noise and he told me not to worry "i will take care of it" i left the car with him for a day and came back and he told me it was a bad bushing, and it was fixed, after a day the same noise came back and called him back many times, he was never around, his son would pick up once or twice from the many times i called and told me he would give him the message............he is a big not buy from this guy, even if they change their address or owner name, its nothing but a game