Thursday, September 27, 2007

buyer's remorse

I have serious issues with commitment when it comes to making purchases.

I am still shocked that i was able to buy a wedding dress in 2 hours.

I can barely buy underwear without worrying that it's too big or too small and that it's a final purchase. I usually buy a couple smalls and a couple mediums so that at least i have a couple that will fit properly.

I've been on the hunt lately for a gym bag. A nice, roomy, gym bag with separate compartments for shoes and wet stuff and pockets because i LOVE pockets. Oh, and of course stylish...i don't want a frumpy ugly gym bag.

So, i went to sport check...they had a couple of Nike bags, but they were mostly the big one-pocket duffel bag. no thanks.

Then, i thought about Lululemon and how they carry exercise / yoga gear. Now, they have some nice bags!

I visited the store, and hummed and hawed over their line up of gym bags. I think they had about 5 or 6 different kinds each in 2 different colour choices. I spent a good 30 minutes inspecting each one and checking all the pockets and imagining where all of my things would go. I finally chose the warm up bag. At first i wasn't crazy about the colours because the colours were crazy (navy all over with purple straps and lining), but it started to grow on me and then i really liked the colours.

I put my things in my new bag and took it to the gym to test it out (i left the tag on). It was ok. All of my stuff fit, and everything had it's own cozy home, but my stuff only just fit so i wouldn't be able to put anything more in it or anything bigger like a bigger towel, or a sweatshirt or sweatpants. PLUS, it didn't have a shoulder strap. Although my arms fit through the handles, it was still a bit awkward because it was quite bulky and my arm had to hang over the side of the bag. AND what about in the winter? with a huge winter coat (and yes, my coat is huge...even my fellow canadiens make fun of it eh?) i doubt i would be able to get the straps over my arms.

So back to the store i went to review the bag options. I had gone back to the website to check out the bags in order to maximize my time spent in the store. As soon as i arrived in the store for a second time i picked up 4 bags. The one i had now (to compare against the other contenders) and 3 others that could work.

Again, i carefully inspected each bag and visualized where all of my stuff would go. The problem was, each one had a different feature about it. 2 had shoulder straps, but one of those only had one big middle pocket with no dividing compartments. Another one had nice divided compartments but no shoulder strap, and mine didn't have a shoulder strap, and was not quite long enough, but i loved the way it looked and all of the compartments.

I could not make up my mind. I wanted one that looked like mine in colour, but was a bit longer like number 2, but has as many compartments as mine, but with a shoulder strap.

Not one had all of the features together. I reluctantly exchanged the funky one i had originally bought for the rollercoaster bag that was slightly longer and had a shoulder strap. It didn't have as many compartments as the one i originally had, but it had a separate compartment for my shoes which was the most important. Oh, and i forgot to's black...they did have a brown one 2 days ago when i first went to the store, but they have since sold out of brown which is one of my favourite colours.

I know black is the most versatile, but i really don't like black. AND my winter coat is brown, so brown would have been the best. AND the strap is red and i'm not a huge fan of red either. AND i especially don't enjoy the combination of red and black together. But sadly, i had no choice as this was the most practical in terms of function.

So there you have it. It took me 3 days to buy a gym bag and i'm still not 100% satisfied with it, and it only took me 2 hours to buy a wedding dress which is more important and way way WAY more expensive, and non-refundable yet i have no desire to even look at another dress because i am 150% satisfied.

weird eh?


Sarah G. said...

Sorry you're having so much trouble!! I like the bag though. Did you ask the lady if they'd be getting anymore in brown? Or, can you buy them online??

Roz said...

she said maybe in a couple of weeks, i guess if the tag holds up i can exchange it then ;)

and no, you can't get them online :(

b*babbler said...

I have the worst time picking bags. I'm that crazy lady in the store, looking, examining, looking again, walking away, coming back, almost deciding, standing in line, changing my mind.

So, I hear you!

Ms. Porter said...

There is alot of lulu available on ebay...just watch the duty so it's best to buy from Canadian sellers to avoid this. I know I'm too late...I'm behind in my blogging......again.