Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tattle tale Roz


I'm one of THOSE people.

I'm pretty sure i just got one of my colleagues in trouble. I didn't mean to i swear!!!

Here's the scoop: I was very suddenly given a new role at work: to be a coordinator for a committee. Like i said, it was very sudden and very weird for lack of a better word. I'm obviously the best person to handle it because of my other role in the organization but i was not made aware of any thoughts or discussions around this new role being given to me until it happened and i was one of the people on the email that said "please note Roz is now the coordinator for this committee."


So i'm thinking, whatever, i'll just do what i'm told and if i mess up i'll say that it's because i had no idea what i was even supposed to do because no one told me.

The girl who used to be the coordinator of this position sent out an email to the members of the commmittee making them aware of the change. There just so happens to be a teleconference today with the committee and i'm supposed to head it (just so you can get a better understanding of the timeline, i was made aware of my new role two days ago).

So my manager pays me a visit today and says "i just want to let you know that i spoke with the girl who used to have this position and i told her i didn't want her to just 'dump' everything on you. She'll be by later to see you and go over things with you".

I said "oh, ok, ya she came by and there's a teleconference tonight that i'm supposed to head up and take minutes for". Well my manager just flipped out and said "WHAT??? YOU??? but you don't know anything about the committee!! She shouldn't have dumped this on you!!". She made me follow her to this girl's desk while she told her - in front of me - how it's not very professional of her to just dump this on me without giving me some more guidance and a longer transition period.

I felt so bad. My face must have been 10 shades of red. It sounded like i went to my manager and cried to her about how i had to head the teleconferece tonight which wasn't the case at all. I mean, i've done many-a-teleconference and although i wasn't thrilled about being given 2 days notice, it wasn't something that i couldn't handle. I mean, this girl did come and see me and although i still have no idea what this committee is about, i just figured i would pick it up as i went along. I had no intention of getting this girl in trouble and it totally looks like i went to my boss to tell on her.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time for me. I was just starting to feel somewhat integrated into the organization. I mean, no one asks me to join them for lunch or anything yet, but at least people smile at me in the hallway and compliment my outfits once in a while. I was JUST starting to feel comfortable making small talk with these people. And on top of all that, this girl is one of the nicer people and probably closest to my age whereas most of the other people are nearning retirement.

Why oh why did this have to happen to me and why did it have to be with that nice girl?

I feel horrible now and i want to send her an email "apologizing" but i also don't want to bad mouth my manager.



Chris said...


That sucks! I'm so sorry :-(

Why don't you invite her out to lunch and explain. Maybe that will help win her over :-)

Hope it gets better!

b*babbler said...

Perhaps you can just pop by her desk and try to tell her what happened? Sometimes a face-to-face allows you to explain in such a way that doesn't seem like your bad-mouthing your boss, but can come across as misunderstanding.

Oh, I hated these kind of interpersonal things back when I was back at my office. Ugh!