Wednesday, September 5, 2007

what i've been up to and what i like to do

Hello Jello!

Sorry (again) for being MIA. I've been up to a few things.

Last week i had this burning desire to do a puzzle. I don't know why i wanted to do a puzzle so bad since i think i've only ever done one puzzle before in my whole life. But i felt like it so i went to the store and bought a $10 puzzle and worked on it non-stop until it was finished for 2 days. I will post pics of it soon!

My mumma is visiting me this week. It's her birthday on Saturday and i invited her to come to Ottawa to see the Phantom of the Opera. So she came up a week early (since she's retired) to visit, and make my front lawn into a garden. I love putting my retired mother to work!

So in preparation for her arrival, Mat and i have been busing completing the guest room. It. looks. awesome. if i do say so myself. I also took pics of it and will post soon.

I know you're all dying to see photos of the go-onings this week and last and i promise i will get them up soon and by soon i mean when i feel like getting off my lazy ass and uploading them to the computer because i need the space back on the memory card.

So for now, i thought it would be fun to play a game. Feel free to play along. It can be quite humorous!

The Game:

Go to google and type your name and "likes to" in quotations. eg: "Tom likes to". Write copy and paste the first 10 things that come up.
  1. Roz likes to travel light and seize the moment
  2. Roz likes to think of it as a modern day Bill Withers or Hall and Oats
  3. Roz likes to show patients what she's learned and would be happy to meet with you
  4. Roz likes to look for information and then organize it in a useful manner
  5. Roz likes to make out in my living room and then tell me i should mack it!
  6. Roz likes to supervise her "dad's" work
  7. Roz likes to keep herself groomed
  8. Roz likes to tell the stories about the animals that appear from thin air, strange spiritual presences, and how "weird things happen around here"
  9. Roz likes to have her picture taken
  10. Roz likes to meow at us in a grumpy way and i meow right back

ok, so some of them i just don't get, but a few of them are kinda funny. What do "you" like to do?


Lara said...

ha ha.
Lara Likes To Tomb Raid
Lara likes to sing.
lara likes to blog about:.
Lara likes to spend it catching up with friends.
Lara likes to say, "No-K!" (Opposite of OK)
Lara likes to gamble as much as I do.
Lara likes to climb into his starship, battle aliens and cut deals with people in another galaxy.
Like most beauties, Lara likes to tease you by playing games too .
Lara likes to read and re-read books
In her free time, Lara likes to play with her boxer puppy

Sarah G. said...

Thiat is awesome!! So I have this report to do at work, but today has totally sucked, and I don't feel like it. Even though I am supposed to leave in an hour and a half, I feel that I 'd rather do this. Plus, I feel guilty for not blogging much this week, so it should come before my report...right??

I'll write back when I get all mine done!! You should come up with this stuff more often!! :-)

Sarah G. said...

And apparently, I need to re-read my comments before I post them because I can't spell. :-)

Here are mine...and this is hilarious!!

1. Sarah likes to claim 40,000 people are being gunned down yearly
2. Sarah likes to smell Colleen’s armpits
3. Sarah likes to walk in the woods
4. Sarah likes to recruit new souls for the local Scientology chapter
5. Sarah likes to be in control and she appears to have some issues with attachment
6. Sarah likes to contribute to Wikipedia
7. Sarah likes to arm wrestle
8. Sarah likes to surf and get in that Zen mode and enjoys feeling the waves
9. Sarah likes to see me eat yogurt from my belly button
10. Sarah likes to show them in honky-tonk environments

Roz said...


you guys are awesome!

it feels like we haven't chatted in so long... :)