Monday, September 10, 2007

I'll take it!!


I've calmed down considerably since Saturday when it seemed as though i had rushed into a huge decision.

I should add that it seems to have been a weekend filled with quick and impulsive decisions.

I got my hair cut on Friday and i didn't expect to. I went in thinking i would get a trim, and the next thing i knew i walked out of there looking like victoria beckham.

i liked it initially, but then the fear set in that i wouldn't have "long enough" hair for my wedding and i've been stressing all weekend about it and how my hair is now "too short".

Update: today, monday morning, i like my hair again, and if i have to, i'll get extensions for my wedding...kidding!!

ok, so that was friday. Saturday, my mom and i had plans to see the Phantom of the Opera. It's her birthday and she's been staying with me for the past week to help with the gardening. I treated her to the Phantom for her birthday (and because i have this weird obsession with the Phantom of the Opera...)

I wanted to maximize my mommy and me time so i made appointments for us at a couple of bridal stores. We had one appointment last Tuesday, and it was ok. The woman had beautiful gowns, but for what i was looking for it was going to be crazy expensive (or at least, an amount that i would not be comfortable spending). Again, she was nice, and showed us some less expensive alternatives, but i knew they weren't what i was looking for.

On Saturday morning, my mom and i went to our second appointment before the Phantom. I really didn't know what to expect as i found this store on the internet after doing a google search for a designer dress i saw in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. She is the only one in Ottawa who carries this designer. I called her to see if she had that particular dress (in the magazine) she said "no, because that line ranges from $15,000 - $20,000 and there really isn't the market for that kind of dress in Ottawa"

No shit.

She did add that she carried a lot of this designer in a much lower price range and invited me to come and see if there is anything else i liked.

I agreed, thinking it couldn't hurt.

On saturday, my mom and i drove downtown and parked the car. We started to walk towards the store and my mom asked why i wasn't bringing my wallet. I told her "well, i'm not going to buy anything today". I honestly thought i would be shopping for a dress for months. I had also planned to make a trip to Montreal and Toronto, as well as make several outings with my sister and bridesmaids.

In the end, i ran back to grab my wallet "just in case" but mumbled a few more times how i "really don't need it".

When we arrived in the store, we were greeted by the sweetest woman, Rena. She started off by pulling out the catalogue for the designer i said i liked. We flipped through it and i pointed out dresses that i thought i would like to try on. I chose maybe 8 dresses that i wanted to try on. As she was taking me back to the dressing room, i saw this dress on a mannequin and stopped to stare at it. I said "Rena, i LOVE this dress, i really want to try it on". She said "ok, but i'm surprised, because it's not what you said you wanted, and you didn't even make a peep when we flipped by it in the catalogue". I said "hmmmm" and said again, "i really want to try this one."

So into the change room i went. I tried on two full lace empire waist gowns. Both beautiful but not "IT". The next one i tried on was also full lace with an a-line skirt but didn't do anything for me. I was getting worried. These were all dresses that i knew i wanted and the were actually beautiful dresses but i wasn't getting that "This is it!!" feeling from any of them. When i put on the third one, my mom starting crying and telling me how beautiful the dress was and how perfect it was. i was Really getting worried at this point because i thought for sure if my mom was crying then it was supposed to be "the one" but i just didn't love it on me.

After standing around in that third dress for about 30 minutes while both my mom and Rena kept fiddling with it to try and convince me that this was the dress, i finally said "i would really like to get out of this dress now and try THAT one on (pointing to the one i saw on the mannequin). Rena obliged (although i knew she thought the one i currently had on was the best) and took it off the mannequin for me to try on.

As soon as i emerged from the change room and looked in the mirror, I. KNEW.

immediately i said "yup, this is the one".

My mom had her mouth on the floor and exclaimed how "stunning" it was and how it looked a thousand times better on me than on the mannequin (thanks mom).

She kept her mouth open and her eyes wide as she walked around me touching the dress exclaiming that it was "just perfect" and "exquisite". She couldn't say anything more than that.

I just stood there looking at myself in the mirror with a huge grin on my face and said "i'll take it"

(thank GOD it was well under my lucky??)


Ms. Porter said...

It happened for me in a similar way, except my Mom picked it out.
I didn't like it on the hanger because it was nothing like the dress I imagined myself wearing.
I still love my dress....and occassionally put it on to vacuum!!!

Sarah G. said...

Awww, that part about your mom crying almost made me cry!! I'm so happy you found THE ONE. Trust makes all the difference!!

b*babbler said...

How exciting that you found your dress! That's fantastic.

And don't worry... if you'd looked and looked and looked and compared instead of just taking the one that grabbed you, you'd end up doing the comparison thing forever in your head (did I *really* pick the right one? Perhaps that one in X bridal shop would have been better).

Chris said...


I am so glad you found that perfect one!

Roz said...

Thanks guys. I'm so glad to hear your feedback!

i don't think i'll be posting pics of the dress anytime soon...i want to keep it a secret for a little while longer.

I'll tell you this: it's coming from Spain, so it takes 8 months to order it in...

I'll probably post some pics when it arrives in town and i have to go in for my fitting....i think that will be in May :)

Some kind of Wondermom said...

What a nice story! I had a 'THIS IS THE ONE' feeling with my dress- but I still tried on dresses AFTER i bought it! ;) I figure, I'm only planning on doing this once in my life, so why not extend the experience as much as possible! ;)

Roz said...

Vicky, that is So funny!
that is totally something i would do hahahaha