Tuesday, October 2, 2007

As promised

Here are the pics i promised you yesterday.

Of the Wreath i made:

Wreath detail:

Gardening results:

Our "new" couches:

I was very worried about liking the red couches, but i really like them. It's not typical for me to go with red couches (i would normally choose browns, leather, whites etc.) but i didn't have much choice and i'm glad because it adds life to our otherwise mostly brown house :)


A. & J. said...

WOW ROZ! That Wreath that you made is really nice! Very crafty :P

Roz said...

Thanks J!

SC said...

Nice couches -- good choice! I am so much like you, in that I also stick to the neutrals, I am very proud that you took a chance with this purchase, I think it worked out great. You are right, they liven up the neutral colours, you will probably find you can do less decorating now that you have a solid bold color to work with, won't need as much in the way of accents.

The wreath is beauitful too, I bought one similar to that for my house, I never thought of making one - you meant to be a home owner Martha Marchut!

Sarah G. said...

Your house looks so good!! I can't believe you made that wreath!! You should do a tutorial for us!

I LOVE the couches!! Great color.

Roz said...

Sara: thanks! you're right...now i can ACCENT with browns and whites etc. lol
i want to see your new couches too!

Sarah: thanks! you would be very disappointed in my tutorial. It was very easy and i'm sure my 3 year old niece could do it...

Ms. Porter said...

Nice wreath, your front entrance is very welcoming! I love your couches, good choice indeed. Did I miss the post about the couches...I don't remember reading about the decision to go with red???

Ms. Porter said...

oh and is that your lucky man??? aren't you going to introduce us?

Roz said...

Ms. Porter:

Thank you! I do try to make my home look welcoming with the little that we have!!

Actually, there was no post or discussion about the couches. It turns out that one of our friends was going to sell them because they are getting leather couches and asked if we wanted them for way less than he would sell them for. We thought they looked nice and we needed couches so we said sure. It worked out really well :)

And yes, that is Mat sitting on the couch. Mat, meeet my bloggy friends, bloggy friends, meet Mat!

a grrl with a blog said...

sooo nice!!
I love them!