Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jumping on the bandwagon


i'm jumping on the de-lurker bandwagon because i'm a follower and she did, and she did, and i'm sure some of my other bloggy friends did, but my google reader can be slow to update sometimes and anyway, i want to be just like them as much as possible.

I have to say, i used to lurk around the blogosphere quite a bit myself. One person described how i felt perfectly: "I never thought bloggers thought much about comments from readers they don't know personally. I follow about 25 blogs daily and I don't think I've commented once on any of them. You guys seem so untouchable. Even smaller bloggers seem to know the blog celebrities in the real world. It's like you're all part of the cool club but you let us less cool people listen in on the fun. I guess thats why I've never delurked before. The less cool aren't supposed to interupt the club's conversations..." - "Becky"

That's exactly how i felt. But then i started to feel like i "knew" the blogger and i started leaving small comments like "cool pic" etc. etc. Now i try to comment as much as possible, but i try not to leave fluff. I like to be able to give my opionion or, if it's a really good bloggy friend, encouragement when they need it.

I'm not really putting the pressure on the few people who lurk here. Hell, i know Mat is one of them!! But it would be nice to "meet" you. Don't you want to be my bloggy friend?? No? ok, then *sob*. Just kidding...but i DID make it easier for you to comment. I opened it up to everyone - not just blogger / blogspot people! No excuses people, NO EXCUSES!
p.s. did you see the awesom-o button on my right side bar? isn't it perrrrrrty?


b*babbler said...

Woohoo! I get to be first!

(waving hands madly) Hi! Hello! Greetings!

My delurking here is done! (grin)

A. & J. said...

Cool Button :P

Jennie said...

I haven't lurked much around here. I'm a commenting whore, but hello regardless.

You're just pure fabulous-ness.


Katie said...

Okay, I guess that's where I delurk and introduce myself...I'm Katie :) I actually found you through Jennie's blog and she is a darling so I've popped over here a couple of times. Anywho...hello!

Roz said...

Welcome Katie!

Any friend of Jennie's is a friend of mine :)

Hope to see you back again soon! Do you blog?

And to those of you who still lurked, that's ok, feel free to delurk at anytime :)

Ms. Porter said...

I missed delurker day...bummer

Sarah G. said...

Man...your rock!! I wish I had lurkers. I guess it's kind of hard when I haven't written anything on my blog lately.

I want to be cool like you, Roz!! I have to say though, I'm kind of sad because there are several blogs that I am a lurker, and they're talking about going private. :-(