Monday, October 1, 2007

Shame shame, double shame.

Dear Adriana Calderon,

I can't believe what you did. You hurt my friend and you made tons of other people mad. You know what i'm talking about. You know what you stole.

Shame on you. What a poor, poor example you are setting for your children.

What makes you think that you can steal something that doesn't belong to you and then try to make money off of it?

Lame. Really lame.

Funny, how your "contact us" and "feedback and comments" links don't work today......

I wonder what you have to say for yourself? We'll probably never know because you are that flaky.


Sarah G. said...

Poor SAJ!! That is horrible! I'm so glad she got that stupid website to take their stuff down!!

DaniGirl said...

Nicely said, Roz.

Ms. Porter said...

Holy crap...that is awful. The only problem is that I clicked on the link in your post and therefore was more traffic!