Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I can't get this out of my head

Need your help guys (like, what else is new...) :)

I was watching Dragon's Den last night and there's a preview for next week's show.

They showed a clip of a woman promoting "Spice World".

As soon as i saw her i sat up and exclaimed to Mat "i KNOW her!!"

He looked at me and said "you KNOW her??"

"Yes!" i said but i couldn't remember from where. I searched every dark corner of my brain and finally the pieces came together: She has or did have a french cooking show.

There is one piece missing before i can sleep soundly at night. What's the name of the show???

Here's the bits of information i have:

  • I'm pretty sure it's a local Ottawa cooking show
  • It's in French
  • She and a man host it (not sure if it's her husband or just another "host")
  • She is clearly the "chef" and this man is more of a helper and person to ask questions
  • The title of the show is in French (obviously) and i think it translates into something like "second helping" or "second serving" or something along those lines

Any ideas??


Katie said...

As I'm neither Canadian, nor do I speak French, I'm sorry to say I've got nothing. Good luck figuring it out...I hate when that happens!

Ms. Porter said...

can't help you...sorry. send me your mailing info if you want your copy of 'October' pls.

Sarah G. said...

I tried to find it online...but had no luck. And like Katie, since I an neither Canadian, and since I don't speak French I am really not helpful! Best of luck, and you'll have to let us know if and when you figure it out.

Jennie said...

I live in Texas. I am of no help.

Roz said...

thanks anyway guys

i guess i'll just have to watch more tv to figure it out!

Sarah G. said...

Roz...where have you been???