Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yay Day

Edited because i'm a retard for forgetting something....(thanks Jennie) How could i forget? i don't deserve to be in any of the office FB groups anymore...
I'm stealing borrowing Dani Girl's awesome-o idea. She has "Yay Days" every so often where you celebrate something that's going well or great in your life today or recently.

Can i get a YAY for getting married in exactly ONE YEAR from TODAY??!!


A few other things:
  • Seeing my wedding dress charge on my credit card statement didn't make my stomach made me smile and i couldn't help but stare at it and be happy about it.
  • i've been making it to the gym every day for a few weeks now (ok, so there was one day i couldn't go because a meeting ran late, but i was going to go).
  • i'm having the whole fam-damily up on Saturday for thanksgiving dinner. This is the first holiday in my new house
  • i found my drivers license which i had lost for almost a week
  • The office is on tonight!

So YAY things are good around here. What about you? What do you have to be happy for today?


Lara said...

Wow - sounds like things are great - woohoo!

Hmmm... things aren't good when you can't think of stuff to say yay about :P

SC said...

Having turkey dinner in your new home with your family coming over - you really could give Martha a run for her money!!!

And YAY your wedding day is exactly a year a way .. that's awesome!!! It will fly by!

For me.. today, its a Yay day because I am off tomorrow for no good reason other than my boss told me to take it off, and I am - I am super estatic to get an extra long weekend!


Jennie said...

What a cute idea!

Good things:
- My husband's 30th birthday party this Saturday!
- Good things going on at work.
- Sprinkles cupcakes
- Blogging, my own little community

Katie said...

Oooh, a wedding exactly one year away is definitely something to "YAY!" about. That is very exciting.
Can I get a yay for a half day tomorrow and a weekend of debauchery up at Penn State? Yay!

DaniGirl said...

Yay for weddings and turkeys and sharing of memes!! So happy to see you take up this idea, so that's my big YAY today.

And not just yay but hallelujah for long weekends!!

Ms. Porter said...

Nice idea...I might also have to steal it if it's okay with you and Dani?
You've chosen a great day/weekend/time of year to get married. I'm hoping to hear lots and lots more about your wedding...come on, give it to me!
I'm excited to hear how your thanksgiving meal goes, so much fun.
Thanks for your comments during my crappy days this past week. Things have turned Yay list is:
- Grays is on tonight
- had a great day with my kids
- hubs is back from business trip
- walter the farting dog had a bath and is totally snuggable today
- I had one of those days where I liked the way I know those days where you feel was nice.

Kellan Rhodes said...

Yay and congratulations on your engagement (wedding)! This was cute - I enjoyed reading it.

Sarah G. said...

Yay for you!! How exciting that you're so close to your wedding!! Less than a year now.

What did you think about The Office. I thought it was super good. I'm such a dork...I even joined

Chris said...

Woo Hoo!

YEY!!! or was that YAY!!

Either way.