Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breathing a little easier


I think the worst is over.

Mat and i met with the lawyer yesterday to pay her and sign our life away.

I was still overwhelmed, on edge, stressed, drained and maybe a tad crusty.
Not to mention that i drank nearly half a vial of rescue remedy (which has always helped me deal with stress in the past) only to have no effect on me yesterday. Yesterday was a whole other level of stress...

I was certainly not myself.

Earlier, i called our bank to tell them the dilemma of needing to make an extremely large purchase on our debit card that was exceeding the daily limit. She told us how we could go around it by maxing out our daily debit limit as well as making a cash withdrawl to compensate for the remaining amount that we couldn't cover on our debit. You see, with my bank there are 2 daily limits: one for your direct debit and one for cash withdrawl.


Mat was able to buy all 4 money orders (because they too have a max), and we were off to the laywers.

While at the lawyers, she was running through all the papers with us. It's amazing the amount of trust i put in someone whom i've never met before. She told us to sign here, here, here and here. Here and here aaannnd here, and here and here and here and here. oh, and date it here and here......and here.

I did it all without reading it. (god i can be so naiive) but she would briefly tell us what it was we were signing "so this is for your title insurance" "so this one says that you agree for us to represent you" blah blah blah. I was so tired from being stressed yesterday that i couldn't even make myself care anymore or stress anymore. You see, it turns out that bank accounts aren't the only ones with daily limits...i had reached my stress limit for the day!

There was one part where i thought i should question some numbers (btw, when you're buying a house there are about, oh let's see, a million different numbers and figures). While she was flipping through all of the pages for us to sign, i thought i saw that our mortgage was for a total of 223,000. I asked her why our mortgage was less than the actual price of the house. She started to explain to me (in somewhat of a condescending tone - for which i couldn't blame her cause here i am, the property virgin and here she is the older, wiser, real estate lawyer) that the mortgage is never the total amount of the house because you have to have your own downpayment. I explained to her that we didn't make a downpayment because we got a 0% downpayment mortgage (a new Canadian mortgage product that just came out less than a year ago which was the only thing that made it posible for us to purchase a house). Anyway, turns out my eyes were playing tricks on me and the total mortgage amount was 233,000. I apologised and said i had mis-read it (how could i not when she was flipping through the papers like the office was on fire?). She looked at me and in a sarcastic tone asked "are we good now?". Then she felt the need to add "wow, you're a lovely shade of pink there Rosealind" (btw, my name is not pronounced Rosealind. it's ROZalind). Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thanks for hitting me when i'm already down. Thanks for making me come thisclose to crying in your office. That's exactly what i needed today of all days when it seemed like nothing else could go wrong. Thanks. I would also like to add that this was not a pms day. It was just a really shitty day.

So, now we hold our breath and wait for the insurance broker to give us some insurance so that we can get the keys tomorrow.

Finally it happened. Today, at 3:00 pm...i received an email that we have insurance...or so i think...we'll find out for sure tomorrow when we get the keys or don't get the keys at 4:00...

In any case, the worst is over so i'm a wee bit more relaxed.

p.s. i called home depot and they said they called the warehouse and they promise that the stove will be delivered on saturday.

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Sarah G. said...

WOOHOO!! It's finally over!! I bet you feel a million times better!! Congrats on no longer being a property virgin!! :-)