Monday, July 23, 2007

Life is good

This is going to be short and sweet.

I love life right now. I have so many wonderful things going on that most days i'm over-stimulated with excitement.

Mat and i have spent that last 2 weekends packing up our apartment. Although i can't believe how much STUFF we have, it feels awesome to give a bunch of it away. Packing has also forced me to do things that i've been putting off like: going though bags of papers that were on the desk, as well as the file folders and shredding old bills. We bought a cute little shredder that cross-cuts and also destroys credit cards and took a while to shred all of the stuff we had (3 garbage bags later) but it felt amazing not having to take all that crap to our new house.

We've also filled the trunk of Mat's car full of stuff to giveaway to goodwill. That also feels good. Not necessarily because we're "donating", but because it's clearing our space and our heads of stuff we don't use and certainly don't need.

My philosophy of sorts for moving into the new house is to keep it clean and simple. I think we felt we had to move because our space was too small (which it is, when you have 2 adults and 2 dogs living in a one-bedroom apartment), but now i think if we had gone through all of our stuff and thrown out and given away as much as we have, we wouldn't have felt so rushed to buy a house. The fact is, when you're not forced to do something, then you rarely do it, which is the case with us.

I'm so excited that i will be able to enjoy summer mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights in my backyard on my new patio set.

I'm thrilled that i will be able to have people over to my place and not send mat into the bedroom to watch tv.

I'm ecstatic that visitors will be able to stay over at our place in comfort with their own rooms and beds.

I can't wait to host people for bbq's, and dinner parties.

I'm just so happy that the doggies will have their own space and freedom in our large-for-a-townhouse backyard.

Furthermore, it seems as though love is in the air. Maybe i'm just imagining things, or maybe it's just the beautiful summer days making everyone feel all lovey-dovey, but it seems like a ton of people i know are in love and loving life as well. It's...great.

Lastly, i'm excited more and more each day about getting married. For those of you who know me, i can seee your eyes rolling into the back of your heads, but i am, ok? When Mat and i first got engaged, i was excited, but part of me was also very calm since the wedding is a year and a half away. Now we are approaching the one-year away mark which means i'll be able to start shopping for my dress and sending out save the date cards and all of the other wonderful, glorious things that wedding planning entails.'s MY wedding...finally :)

Ok, a few more things to be happy for, and i'm done:

I can't wait to start some projects in our house like painting a few rooms, creating a dining room, putting down hardwood, installing a fireplace, creating a guest room and an office and a workout space and a sewing and knitting space.

I can't wait to start gardening and planning out the landscaping for both the front yard and the backyard.

I can't wait to buy potted plants for the entrance way and the walk way. I can't wait to buy hanging baskets for the porch and the garage and the side of the house.

I. just. can't. wait.

yay! life is good :)

(ok, sorry this wasn't "short" but it was sweet, don't you think :))


Lara said...

I have a great florist to recommend who is inexpensive when you're ready ;)
SO many great things coming your way - enjoy!

Sarah G. said...

Yea! I am so happy for you. That's SO exciting to be moving into a new house. Actually I don't know that for sure because I've never lived in my own house, but it's still exciting just to move someplace new. Plus, you get to paint and decorate, which is something I really want to do, but just don't seem motivated since it's an apartment that's temporary and I'd have to repaint!!

Thanks for such a happy post!!! It brightened my day!

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

let me say, preparing your wedding is so adventurous , roz.

How amazing is our house. The patio is just what you & mat need for relaxing and entertaining the guess.

=^.^= you'll beautiful wearing the wedding gown