Friday, July 13, 2007

Yippy Skippy!

Today is Friday!

Not only that, but Mat and i are headed to my family's cottage tomorrow. We were supposed to leave this afternoon, but unfortunately we can't.

We're in for a long drive tomorrow - somewhere in the 7 - 10 hour range. Google maps says it'll take 10 hours however, my friend who grew up where our cottage is and now lives in Ottawa says she does it in 7 hours all the time - no stopping...just pack some food and go.

I know we will have to stop because a) i like to pee b) i like to get out and stretch c) i like to stop at cute shops and berry stands d) we have the doggies with us and we can't make them sit still in the car for that length of time.

On top of that, Mat drives S-L-O-W... like, old man slow. so i'm guessing we'll be closer to the 10 hour drive.

Where is this cottage that is so far away you say? well, it is in beautiful Batchawana Bay. Where is batcha-what you say? Well, it's an hour outside of Sault Ste. Marie. On lake superior.

Ahhhhhhh, i can't wait...i want to pack and do stuff to get ready to leave now!
Now, i'm sure you're thinking to your self that since we are travelling so far, that we must be going away for quite a while....wrong! we're leaving back to Ottawa on Wednesday *insert child-like whine here*

As much as we would love to stay there longer and have more time to visit with my family who we only see once a year (!), we "only" have 2 weeks vacation in a year and we have to spread it out over christmas, thanksgiving, moving, and the odd day off here and there. 2 weeks doesn't go very far, oh well it's better than no time off.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family. It's the first time i've seen them since all of the major stuff has happend like getting engaged (!) and buying a hoooose (!). I can't wait to flash my shiny ring around like nobody's business hehehe

Other blogger friends have posted about their long car drives with their kids. I have to admit, ours will be trying too. There will be much complaining from me that Mat is driving too slow, and much complaining from Mat that he has to drive (the car we're taking is standard and although i know how to drive standard, i'd rather not ;). This also means that since i don't drive, i'm not allowed to nap or doze off cause it's not fair to Mat and he has no one to keep him awake. Oh the joys of being in close, crampped quarters with your loved ones!

So, i'll see you all late next week. I'll miss seeing you guys, and miss your wittiness and humour. I expect to have nothing to do on Thursday at work except catch up on what you've all been up to! (jk btw about the work thing).

Talk soon!


Sarah G. said...

Have a wonderful time!! We'll miss your blogging, but expect a full report when you return!! And some pictures!! you ever watch Scrubs??

Roz said...

thanks :)
no, i barely watch any tv..i know, i suck

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Ha ha LOL =)
Happy flashing shiny ring!

Have a great weekend!