Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deep Breath in, and exhale.....

*hhhhhUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhh* *hhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh*

not helping a whole lot.

I thought i was ready. I thought i was super organized. I thought i was on top of it all.

"not until i'm done with you" said my first-time-homeowner devil sitting on my shoulder.

Our house closes in 2 days....TWO days!!

we are aaaallll packed. we gave away a ton of stuff. i felt relieved to get things done. The only thing i was worrying about was money. We have enough but it's such a huge amount of money at once that it just scares me and there's nothing i can do to make myself feel better about it.

That was 2 days ago, and i was dealing ok with that amount of stress...

Yesterday: we get off the phone with the lawyer. She tells us the amount we owe her today. $3099.00 *GULP* ok, so it's more than i thought, but we're still in the black. Then she mentions at the end of her call haphazardly: "oh, and i need proof of insurance before i can hand over the keys".


why am i learning about this today, at 5:30 pm 3 days before we close??

why didn't someone tell me insurance was a necessity before we can get the keys??

i was in the middle of getting insurance but there were questions i couldn't answer and thought i would submit it once we were moved in. scramble.....desperately email my agent asking him all the questions i can't answer.

Desperately call my dad grilling him on all of the questions my agent can't answer.

finish filling out the form...fax to insurance company....and wait....

i can hear my heart pounding. I'm shaking. i can't concentrate. i'm worried and i'm about to throw up.

Then...mat goes today to get the money order and is told that the amount exceeds the daily limit....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

THEN....we get a call from the appliance delivery company saying they have our fridge but they don't have our stove, so we should follow up with home depot and check the status.....

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Finally, i called our mortgage lady at the bank just to talk and make sure i haven't missed anything else. everything is peachy according to her. I ask about the $2000 deposit that i made when we bought the house that i was told i would get back and she said that the amount would have been deducted from the lawyers fees. My ears perked "so you mean instead of $3099.00 it will be $1099.00??" The mortgage lady said: no, it would have been $5099.00 originally.




HOW can the fees be so much???

I was counting on that $2000 like you wouldn't believe.


that doesn't even include our first mortgage payment

are you f*king kidding me right now???

Deep breath in, deep breath in.....

still not stomach is in knots


Sarah G. said...

Oh...Roz, I am so sorry for you. Ok...just remember...everything will be ok!!

If you want, maybe we can all take up a donation for you. :-) J/K...and I am sure kidding is the last thing you need right now...but seriously, it will all be okay!!

Pendullum said...

I remember all of this as if it were yesterday...and we bought our house thirteen years ago... and just reading this post had my heart pounding...

Good luck with it all...
It gets soooo much better once you get the keys....

Lara said...

I remember handing over those huge amounts of money - so scary!! GAH!

It's also the only time you'll ever have to do this, so take comfort. If you ever sell I think it all rolls around very different because you already have the house. At least that's my understanding. And you don't need to carry around a money order for WAY too much money than you should have in your wallet for two days ;)
Yay to almost having your house!!

Roz said...

Thanks guys,

I really needed to hear that from you!

I'm feeling much better today, and tomorrow i'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief......or breakdown and cry lol