Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home Redux

Sorry for all the house posts lately, but i'm sure you can understand that not only is it a huge deal for me, but it's also been consuming my every waking hour lately.

So...we're in. We're 90% unpacked. 4 of our 7 rooms have furniture. The dining room, living room and 2nd spare room will have to wait until we can scrounge up some money to fill them.

I actually love having lots of extra space. It feels so good to b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

The fence has been started. The dogs have tried to escape from the yard a few times. Hopefully Mat will be able to finish the fence tomorrow and if not then my dad will come back up next weekend to finish it.

The appliances are here....they look awesome in the kitchen. I haven't even tried the controversial smooth-top stove. Quite frankly, i'm not even going to let the thought of whether or not i made the right decision ruin my new-house-happiness.

I am loving going to bed and waking up to the sounds of crickets and birds chirping. Living downtown, all you go to bed to and wake up to are loud, intoxicated people and the overwhlemingly loud airconditioning system from Place Bell.

There are a few more things on my immediate wish list but i'm hoping to get those in the next day or two. I also want to do some painting (of the walls) but for the first time ever, the colours are not popping into my head. It's always been that i will walk into a room and know what colour it should be painted. Not here. All of the rooms are neutral tones which look fine, and i normally paint in neutral tones. I think the problem is that they're the right colours, just not the right shade but i feel silly buying gallons of paint just one or two shades darker than what's already there. hmmm....

Other than that, there's nothing to complain about. It feels great.

Oh, and pictures will come once i've unpacked the camera....this might take a while.....


SC said...

Congrats on the new home Rosealind (I died laughing when I read that - what a loser that lady was!).

Seriously... I am so happy for you and Mat.. you deserve it, and I know you are going to enjoy every minute of the new place.

The furniture will come, and the paint colour is always an issue. Everyone says you should paint your master bedroom first, and get the I want to paint everything urge out of your system. It worked for me - for a while!!! Or you could paint one wall a shade or two darker, and that might change the look of the room a bit - and cut down the amount of paint you would need (just a thought)!

I can't wait to see pictures!!
Congrats again!!!

Lara said...

Woohoo! It's so exciting isn't it? Enjoy and take your time.
And I love Benjamin Moore paint. I was amazed at what a difference it made from the regular stuff at Home Depot.
And they have huge (like 1.5 foto square) paint swatches you can buy for like $4-5 and put up on the wall to think about it.
We had a bunch of empty rooms for awhile too, and now that they're all full it almost feels like its time to move. ha ha.

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Always hope your dreams come true , Roz & Mat =)

What a great experience enjoying your new house =^.^=

- pitc -

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

I almost forget...
Btw, Roz, what type of dog bonnie is?

Bonnie is cute, and I hope I can have it too ;p Bonni is my dream dog

Can I post bonnie & buttercup photo on my blog? [of course I will let everybody know that bonnie belongs to =)

Just ingnore me if my question annoying you, Roz.


Roz said...

Thanks guys!

M: Bonnie is a West Highland Terrier. They're called Westies for short.

Of course you can post the pic of Bonnie on your blog :)

Sarah G. said...

Hey missy!! Where are the pictures?? Surely you've found your camera by now!!

J/K :-)

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Hi roz... thank u =). I'll post later... he he