Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love-hate relationship.

You know, the kind of relationship that drives you crazy, yet you still go back for more?

The kind of relationship that leaves you feeling exhausted and alive all at the same time?

That, my friend, is my love-hate relationship…with sports.

Yes my friends, it's true. I have played sports my entire life. And not just my entire life since i was in high school. No. My entire life since i was 4.

I've always hated and loved sports at the same time. I hate the physical exertion that is required of sports, but as soon as i have put myself through this exertion, i feel great and i love it.

I currently play ultimate, slo-pitch and fast-pitch and almost every game night i consider calling in sick so i don't have to play. I DREAD going to games most nights. But then when i'm there playing, it's fun. The problem is, I can never seem to program my brain to love playing sports once i'm done playing it. My body can only tell itself that it hates playing sports.

The thing i love about sports is the competition and the thought required to play sports. I love the idea of planning your moves ahead of time, and always thinking what you'll do next when you have the ball or disc.

I also LOVE the social aspect of sports. That's probably the only reason i ever do go to games. I love hanging out with my teammates and the potential to go for a pint afterwards.

The thing is, i HATE running. MAN do i hate it. I hate the shortness of breath that i get. I hate how my legs feel afterwards. I hate how my opponents are faster and have more endurance then me which requires me to kick it up a notch. I am such a lazy bugger aren't i?

I WISH i could be one of those people who LOVES being in shape and working out and playing sports and doing everything outside. Honestly and truly, i do. I WANT to love exercising, but i don't. I wish i could be hypnotized into loving it....hey there's an idea. Anyone been hypnotized before???

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Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

Hi Roz...

I don't like to run either =) I ever fell down on treadmill.

Maybe you should choose an exercise which doesn't seem like a sport.

Playing with dog or wash a car [just examples =)].

-pretty in the city-