Friday, May 23, 2008

old, new, borrowed, blue


Soooo in case you've been keeping track, my WEDDING is coming up in just over 4 months.


woot woot!

things are getting done, yes, but things are also starting to stress me out.

Here's one small thing that i thought i had pretty much covered, but has now fallen apart.

I'm trying to find things for my "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue". I have the something new and something blue covered (Hi! new dress! new shoes! new EVERYTHING) and i thought i had the something borrowed and something old figured out as well...until a few days ago.

Ok, so for my something old, i was going to wear a family veil. I truly wanted to wear it. It's vintage. It's gorgeous. It's somewhat sentimental. I tried it on with my dress and, they don't seem to like each other very much. In fact, they kinda clash. I knew that they weren't going to match and i was totally fine with that - or so i thought.

When i put the dress and the veil together, they compete with each other as they are both so ornate. On top of that, the veil is a completely different colour, so it really doesn't look right.

For my something borrowed, i thought i would borrow a pair of shoes from someone. Mind you i hadn't asked anyone yet, but i thought surely there was someone out there that would lend me a nice pair of shoes. And then i went and BOUGHT a pair of (gogeous, no less) shoes.

SOOOO i still need a something old and a something borrowed. The 2 most difficult of items to find, wouldn't you agree?

So i'm looking to you guys for suggestions - or handouts. Probably more the handouts than the suggestions, but i'll take me a few suggestions too.