Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bell's *famous* customer service

Hmm, 2 "customer service" posts in a row...

Well as everyone knows, Bell is known for their horrible customer service.

I've been a victim in the past of Bell's customer "service", but in recent years, i haven't had any issues with them. In fact, i would even go so far as defending Bell when someone else would complain about them and telling them about my great experience with Bell finding discounts for me and whatnot.

Well, today my friends, that has come to an end, and i am back on the Bell-Bad-Customer-Service Bandwagon.

Here's the story: I wanted to upgrade our TV service so that we could get HBO. I went online and found a package that allowed us to get HBO for only $5 more a month then what we are paying now. I had one question i needed clarified, so when the "online chat help" window popped up asking if i had any questions, i started to chat:

Rosalind: I was looking at the "HD Extra" package and it says you get "choice of one premium movies pack (free for 2 months)". If the package is $75/month, how much is it after the first 2 months?

Peter: Hello and welcome to Bell's chat service. How may I provide you with excellent service today?

Peter: I will be happy to assist you.

Peter: May I have please have your first and the last name?

Rosalind: (gave him my name)

Peter: May I call you by your first name?

Rosalind: yes

Peter: Thank you, Rosalind.

Peter: I wish I could help you. Since you have reached the Bell Home Phone billing department, I do not have access to Bell TV accounts.

Peter: Unfortunately, I am not able to assist you with your request. However, I will transfer you to one of our online Bell TV agents who will be happy to assist you with that.

Peter: Rosalind, please stay online.

Rosalind: k thanks

Peter: You're welcome!

Please wait. We are transferring you to the specialist best suited to help you.
Chat representative Johanne has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Rosalind (gave my name - again - and phone number)

Rosalind: I was looking at the "HD Extra" package and it says you get "choice of one premium movies pack (free for 2 months)". If the package is $75/month, how much is it after the first 2 months?

Johanne: Hi, welcome to Bell TV Chat! It will be a pleasure to help you out with your request today concerning our programming.

Johanne: The price and package you see online is for new customers with a 2 year contract.

Rosalind: Is there anything similar you can offer for existing clients?

Johanne: First, is your 2 year contract over with us?

Rosalind: i don't know - i've had bell tv since about 3 years

Johanne: I will verify.

Johanne: I will then access your account and I will need your Pin number, please.

Rosalind: xxxxxxxxxx

Johanne: Thank you, one moment please.

Johanne: Thank you for waiting.

Rosalind: ok

Johanne: Your 2 year contract ended in July/09.

Rosalind: ok, what are my options?

Johanne: You might be eligible. We also have offers for our existing customers. You may go to: and you have to be logged in to your profile to see them.

Rosalind: it says "sorry you're not eligible for a term renewal off at this time".

Rosalind: *offer

Johanne: Then, I would wait a couple of months, and see what it says.

Rosalind: that's ridiculous - if my contract expired in july, why can't i access any offers???

**waited for about 5 minutes**

Rosalind: hello?

***waited for about another 2 minutes***

Johanne: If it not ridiculous, you just terminated your contract 3 months ago. What I was saying, is to try again, beginning of 2010. If not, call our call center and speak with our Loyalty dept., at: 1-888-759-3474.

Rosalind: do you have an employee number?

Johanne: If you want a reference, use my name: Johanne, Techical services.

Rosalind: thank you - if you could have your supervisor contact me, it would be greatly appreciated

Johanne: To speak with a supervisor, you have to call our call center.

Johanne: Is there anything for you today?

Rosalind: it doesn't seem like you're able to help me

Johanne: No, sorry you have here the Technical services. The loyalty dept. will.

Rosalind: is the loyalty dept. on chat?

Johanne: No, sorry.

-End of chat-

Wow! what a HUGE waste of my time.

Their idea of "helping" me or "servicing" me is telling me to check out their promotions on their website - gee, thanks.

Then, when i told her that the website was saying i wasn't eligible, she told me to try back in a couple of months...HELLO - i want new programming and savings NOW!!

THEN - she has the audacity to ARGUE with me "It is not ridiculous"....Ok, well i think it is and I'm the customer. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME???!!

Then, she tells basically tells me that it's not her fault because she's "technical services" and that i need to speak with "loyalty services". Thanks - why didn't you tell me this before you wasted my time??

Gah - i'm always amazed that there is so much effort to gain new customers, but when you're an existing customer, you're worthless.

Hey BELL - now that my contract is "supposedly" over, i might just try ROGERS. Hey, if it doesn't work out with them, i can always come back as a "new" client, right??