Monday, July 14, 2008

Invitations, Invitations...

Guess what i've been up to these last few weeks (or is it months??)

WEDDING STUFF! I have wedding stuff coming out of my ears.

The last few weeks have been getting these darn invitations ready. They have been a LOT of work. We wanted to go with a professional for our invitations, but our budget said no way jose. Well, at least what we wanted we couldn't afford to have done professionally. So, i decided to do them myself.

I spent weeks searching for pocket folders for the invitations. I finally found some in the US.

I found a graphic for the invitations from Istock, bought it and had my friend (a graphic designer) change the colour for me (it started off as a lime green).

The same (awesome!) friend designed the rest of the inserts. I told him what i wanted, and the fonts and the colours, and he spent countless hours putting it all together for me.

Another friend let me print the invitations at her work. I was able to print them in colour for FREEE. Although, we had no idea it would take 8 grueling hours to print. The damn printer would only print 2 per minute, and with all of the inserts, there were about 400 pieces to print.

Furthermore, the printer kept thinking that it was jammed (it was not) and so everytime it thought it was jammed, it restarted itself which took about 2 minutes each time.

Further still, the rollers kept getting dirty which meant i had to stop the machine, wipe down the rollers and then of course, it would restart itself.


In the end, everything turned ok. Most of the invitations had lines down the front (from the dirty rollers) which i later had to erase (it worked, just took hours). The invitations also turned out curly from the heat of the printer. I spent more time rolling them the other way and trying to flaten them.

Next came the assembly which i did all by myself. Rounding the corners, cutting the inserts to size, gluing the invitation to the background mat and then onto the pocket folder, putting all the inserts in order, putting stamps on the rsvp cards, putting stamps on the envelopes, printing the address and return labels, putting them all on, tying the yarn on each of them and on and on... here are the results:

Glad that's over and done with. I really dont' want to look at an invitation for a looooooooooong time!