Wednesday, September 16, 2009

holy bad customer service!

So...i needed to get my kitchen knives sharpened and so i googled "knife sharpening ottawa".

Very few listings came up. Actually 2 listings came up. I went to both of their websites and didn't know how to "choose" a knife sharpening place so i decided to get in touch with the one with the (very slightly) nicer website.

It said to please call or email to make an appointment so i did:

Friday, Sept 11

Hi there, I have a few kitchen knifes I would like to get sharpened and I was wondering when I might be able to drop them off. Many thanks, Rosalind.


Saturday, Sept 12

Hello Rosalind,

You can drop them off Monday to Saturday, between 9:30 am. and 5 pm, and available for pick up the next day.



On Monday i made a trip to drop off the knives. I didn't realize that it shared the same location as a dog groomer we used once before and received not only THE WORST doggie hair cut ever but also encountered the grouchiest woman ever (over the phone and in person). I thought it was odd, but i went in to drop off the knives anyway. I received the worst service AGAIN and so i wrote to the guy i had been dealing with to get my knives sharpened:

Hi Again,

Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by today to drop off the knives and one of the women working there told me that you wouldn't be able to sharpen them until next week or later because a) you were renovating b) the machine wasn't out and c) you were then going away to the states - ?? I have to say that I'm a bit put off because in your email you said I could drop them off and they would be ready the next day. Not to mention I had to make a special trip out there for nothing. I told the woman that I would have to take them somwhere else because I couldn't go without them for over a week and she didn't seem to care... Anyway, just wanted to let you know what happened and unfortunately I'll be going elsewhere to get the knives sharpened. Rosalind.

Hello Rosalind,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. But, I didn't know you were coming, as you didn't confirm. I had other work to attend too. Had I known your plans, I would of definetly made arrangements with my wife. So we went ahead with our plans and preparing for the States this weekend, packing & getting passports. Always busy.

I hope you understand, and if you give me another chance, I'll give you 40% off. Note, I won't be back until next Tuesday.



Are you kidding me?? He told me on SATURDAY that i could drop off the knives from Monday to Saturday, so i dropped them off on MONDAY and that was a problem because i didn't CONFIRM with him?? what the hell?

I've never encountered such a complicated system for such a simple service.

Yesterday i took my knives to the second person i found on my google search (didn't bother calling or emailing) and guess what ?? He was incredibly pleasant, and sharpened my knives WHILE I WAITED. I had 5 knives sharpened for a meesly $11.

I want to respond to the first guy, but i'm not entirely sure what to say (i want to say what i've said here, but really not in the mood for a fight). I just feel like he should know the horrible service he's offering and the great service people can find elsewhere....

If anyone wants to know where they SHOULD and shouldn't take their knives to be sharpened, just let me know.