Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vegas Baby

I'm back from Vegas for my 1st bachelorette party.....


2 days of non-stop partying and to my surprise, i was up for every minute of it.

If you know me, you know that i'm hard to motivate to go out clubbing. For the most part i like it when i get going, but any of my friends will tell you that i'm terrible at actually agreeing to get out and go.

The weekend was a combined bachelor/ette party for Mat and I with guys and girls out separately on Friday night and then everyone out together on Saturday night.

The party extravaganza started on Thursday night when Mat and i drove from Ottawa to Oshawa and then on to Buffalo on Friday (approx 8 hour drive in total).

We landed in Vegas around 7pm which gave us barely enough time to grab our rental car, head to my cousin's house where we "slept" for the weekend, change and get to our respective places.

Mat headed to the hard rock for an outdoor poolside concert and then off to Olympic gardens for who knows what exactly...

I headed to my sister's hotel room to start the party. We started off with the usual bachelorette party shenanigans of pin the penis on the man, and other penis related games. Very funny.

Then the rest of the night just seemed to fly by. First we stopped at a new vegas night club, Jet where we had VIP passes and an open Bar...sweet!!

Then we made our way to the Palms where we also received VIP treatment (skipped the snaking line AND didn't have to pay the $40 each cover charge) where we were ESCORTED to MICHAEL PHELPS' VIP SUITE




i am a HUGE Michale Phelps' fan. i couldn't believe our dumb luck.

After the Palms, everyone headed back to their resepective hotels (i think it was around 3 am) except for my cousin and I who wanted to meet up with the guys at Olympic Gardens.

When we got there we only found 3 of the 5 guys. Mat and his friend were missing and the other guys assumed that they went home. My cousin and i convinced the 3 guys who were my brother, my cousin's brother and her husband to come upstaris with us to see the male performers. Needless to say, someone bought me a lap dance which took place on stage. i was DYING. Have you ever been given a lap dance in front of your brother and male cousin? It's awkward even when you're drunk...lol

After a couple of hours we decided to call it a night and head home. When we got home, Mat was no where to be found. I was FREAKING out and started to call everyone. Finally my brother and my cousin found Mat - he had passed out in the bathroom and was being kicked out of the club just as they were leaving. Finally Mat made it home.

I think my head hit the pillow around 6am which would have been 9am Ottawa time...

I'll tell you all about Saturday night tomorrow. i even have pictures!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can't get enough of this song

Love, love, love this song.