Monday, August 27, 2007


This post is the result of a comment i was going to post on Porters Ponderings. Let's just say i exceeded the maximum number of characters for a comment so i decided to post it here.

I was the EXACT SAME WAY when we got our doggies.

When we got Oscar (our first doggy) we were very adamant about him sleeping in his crate. Oscar didn't care, he liked his crate and happily retired at the end of the day to it all on his own. But that darn puppy was so cute and it wasn't long before i would snuggle him for 5 minutes before bed, then 10 minutes before bed, then i would pass out while snuggling with him. Then the whole crate idea went out the window and my fiance and i were sharing our double bed with our doggy.

Then when we got our second doggy, Bonnie, it started out the same way. She slept in her crate and was happy to do so until i felt bad that we were playing favorites with Oscar by letting him sleep on the bed and not Bonnie.

It came about that during the summer in our one-bedroom apartment with no central a/c, Bonnie would pant loudly in her little crate and the only thing that would let any of us catch any zzz's was to let her out when she got hot so she could sleep on the floor and cool off.

The next thing i knew, we were buying a foot stool for the doggies so they can climb up onto the bed on their own.

So now we have me, my fiance, Oscar and Bonnie all sharing a double bed every night.

I've gone through phases of being mad at myself for letting them start to sleep on the bed, but now i just embrace that i have two precious dogs who want to be close to my fiance and i as often as they can. Considering we both spend the whole day away from them, it's nice to know i have two warm little doggies sleeping at my feet.

They are the sweetest things to wake up to in the morning, all sleepy and wanting to cuddle. They are the perfect start to my day, and no amount of duvet-cover-washing can make me regret letting them sleep on our bed.

Oh, and the double-size bed? We just replaced it with a King size :) Hey, we needed a bed for the empty guest room anyway...


Some kind of Wondermom said...

Now that's what you call a family bed! :)

Ms. Porter said...

Cute! So you get it then.

By the way, secret to the most comfy bed in the world is that even though we have a good quality mattress (sadly it's only a queen) we bought an additional feather bed to top the already cushiony mattress. It is pure heaven. Everyone comments on our beds (we have them on what used to be the spare bed too). I highly recommend a feather bed. We also bought pillows at Costco, they are a memory foam or something or other. They are about $28-30 (I guess you will need the kind sized ones which I'm not even sure they sell) and they are the best pillows I have ever slept on...and I am a huge bed person. Oh and the highest quality sheets too...register for them if you haven't already.

Roz said...

Vicky: you said it!

P: already have the memory foam pillow from costco and i LOVE it.

don't you worry, i WILL be registering for high-quality sheets, and a feather bed, and more pillows...can't wait :)

August 27, 2007 10:46 AM

Jennie Thomason said...

I bet the king size helps this a great deal. Our queen just isn't conducive for both Mike, me, and our Mollyhead. But I miss snuggling her constantly. She does, however, snuggle like a champ on the couch. Thank goodness.

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

your future guest are lucky get a comfort double bed ;p