Friday, August 10, 2007

The Story of Mat and Roz: How Mat Proposed

I was having a really crappy day one Thursday because it was like my 3rd day at my new job, and some stuff was just not good that day. Anyway, I came home pretty upset and was talking to Mat about it and he was trying to make me feel better.

Mat: what would make you feel better? Would you like to get some Gelato?

Roz: No

Mat: Do you want to grab a pizza for dinner tonight?

Roz: No

Mat: well, there must be something I can do to make you feel better

Roz: No, nothing (note: typical Roz would usually say something to the effect of being engaged, or getting a ring or the like, but I didn’t want to feel any worse than I already did by being disappointed, so I just kept saying “no, nothing”)

Mat: oh, c’mon, there must be something…

Roz: No, Mat, actually I would just like to be left alone…ok??

Mat: c’mon, there must be something. If I were a genie and you had one wish, what would it be?

Roz: (getting annoyed) look Mat, you already know what I would say, but I’m in a shitty mood and I don’t want to be even more upset, ok? So I really don’t want to play this game right now…ok?!

Mat: c’mon, just one wish….

Roz: FINE! You know what I want??? I wish we were engaged, OK?? (now quite mad)

Mat: oh, ok…(goes to bedroom)

Mat: (comes back with a small box)

Roz: what is that??! You better not be teasing me, because that’s NOT funny.

Mat: (gets down on one knee…) Roz, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I’ve had this for a few weeks now, but there’s been so much going on lately with your family and you traveling, there was never the right time to give this to you, but I think now is a perfect time because I want you to know that whatever we go through, it’s always going to be ok, because we’ll have each other.

Roz: *sob* *sob*, is this for real???? Is this really happening??? Serious??? *laughs* (probably delirious right about now), ohmygod…*laughs* *sobs* YAY :D

So that’s it…very casual kind of like us…Mat mentioned that he thought of planning a getaway, but knew I would be suspicious and didn’t want me to know when he was going to do it so I guess it worked…I certainly didn’t wake up that day thinking I would get engaged...


Sarah G. said...

Aaaahhhhhhh....that's another awesome one! You really have to stop this though...I can't be tearing up at work!! :-)

Roz said...

lol thanks Sarah :)

Ms. Porter said...

Your story is similar to ours. My husband and I have often talked about the way he proposed and we both agree...the way he did was just 'us'. I'm so happy for you about the house. You are so ambitious doing all of that painting. Good for you, make that house your home. What I'm really looking forward to though, is all the wedding planning stuff.

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

thanks for sharing roz. I always like love story behind the couple.

wishing u and mat the best, roz...