Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Sorry this isn't a "real" post, but i will slowly expand on my mini-updates when i get a few minutes from painting...
  • Had an extra long weekend. My boss gave us Friday off from work, and monday was a holiday...yippee

  • Had my well-deserved massage on Friday. I helped my friends plan their wedding and the "deal" was that they would buy me a massage if i did a good job. It was time for a massage after all the wedding planning and then house moving. Also, an excellent start to a Friday-off.

  • Bought paint for the new house. Originally, Mat and i decided that the first thing we're going to do is paint the two kiddie rooms which are bright pink and bright blue. However, as i mentioned before, i was having a hard time choosing colours. Somehow (still now sure how) i thought it would be a good idea if i "tested" a colour i had in mind in a small space like the downstairs powder room. I had envisioned this beautiful, creamy, off-white which had a hint of faint, faint yellow. I thought i chose a very classic, off-white, but by the time i had painted the powder room, it SCREAMED banana and i couldn't bear to look at it. I had to change the colour, but Mat was getting annoyed at the money i was spending at home depot. We re-painted it "squirrell" and it looks better. Still not the exact colour i had in mind, but it's much better than the banana.

  • Also painted the foyer. This turned out better than the powder room, but when the first coat went up, i regretted the colour i chose. Our apartment was this beautiful grey. I know, it sounds dull and boring and gross, but it looked awesome with the white trim and doors and the black picture frames. I wanted to paint the hallway the exact same colour, but again, i chose wrong. It looked like cement. Cold, hard cement. I wanted to cry. After leaving it for a day, i decided that i actually didn't mind it. I decided that it had a blue tint in it, and that i was going to call it "slate blue" instead of cement. I think i would have preferred the grey with the brown tint like our apartment, but i'm convincing myself that it's much better to be different than boring like the "taupe" that was the apartment walls.

  • When we bought the house i HATED the tiles in the foyer and powder room. They are purple-ish red / brown, and the woman who lived there before painted the powder room the same purpley-burgundy and painted the hallway a browny-peach. It looked horrible. However, now that i've changed the colours, i actually don't mind the tiles. Heck, i might even like them...

  • We finished building the fence. Ok, my dad and Mat finished building the fence. It's awesome being able to let the doggies out free and not watch them or tie them up.

  • I bought some hanging flower baskets for the front porch. I love them.

  • We are having 20+ people over to our house on saturday for a bbq. I can't decide if i should make the hamburger patties from scratch or buy some frozen ones. My lazy self wants to buy the frozen ones, but my martha stewart self wants to make them from scratch

  • We FINALLY bought a bed. Yesterday. We haggled the sales guy. i didn't think we had it in us. But we shopped around and got some prices and then took those prices back to the store where we wanted to buy the bed from (because of their warranties and deliveries etc. etc.) We got everything including delivery, taxes, frame, mattress protector, all for the cost of the mattress and box spring before taxes. We saved $700. I couldn't believe it. I will let you know how i like our new Natura mattress when it's delivered. I'm expecting to love it.

  • This week i hope to have the two spare rooms painted...that is as soon as i can pick the colours...

  • I promise to go into more details soon :)


Sarah G. said...

Pictures woman!! Where are the pictures??

Am I invited to the BBQ?? :-)

Roz said...

hehe...i know, i know...i will post pictures...honest...it's just, i want to get this ridiculous painting finito!

yes, of course you're invited to the bbq! i'll pick you up from the airport!

Sarah G. said...

I totally understand...and I think it will be better when the painting is finished. Good luck with that.

what day do I need to fly in for the BBQ?? :-)

Roz said...

bbq is this saturday, so you can fly in on friday night or anytime on saturday before 5pm :)

Road To Be Entrepreneur said...

enjo your bed roz. You know what I mean =)