Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Story of Mat and Roz: How We Met

Mat and I met in highschool. We were in the same grade and were about 15 or 16 years old.

Mat and i had something like 4 out of 5 classes together in one semester, although i didn't realize it at the time (Mat said he noticed from the very begining that we had almost all of our classes together).

So i didn't know Mat was in almost all of my classes, except for my science class. I remember our lab groups would always work next to each other. As well, Mat sat beside one of my best friends in science class.

One day, while i was in science class, there was an announcement on the PA system to please pray for Mathew P___ because his mother had just passed away (We went to a Catholic highschool).

I thought to myself how that name sounds familiar and i glanced over to where my best friend sat, and the desk beside her was empty.

I felt a huge wave of sadness come over me. I didn't really know this person, but for some reason i just felt pain. As i stood there listening to the national anthem and the morning prayer, i couldn't help but think about how i could help him, even though i didn't even know him.

All of my maternal instincts came out. I thought that maybe i could get his homework for him and look him up in the phone book and take it over to him. But then i thought that he doesn't need to worry about homework at this time. I wanted to do something for him, but i didn't know what. I also didn't know if i should because i didn't know him, and i was sure that his friends were with him and helping him.

A few weeks passed, and Mat came back to school. I was a bit shy, but i went up to him and told him how sorry i was for his loss. That was probably one of the first times i ever talked to him.

After that, i noticed him in all of my other classes and we became fast friends. We started talking more and more and eventually ended up sitting beside each other in all of our classes and working on projects together. We became very openly flirtatious but i didn't care who saw us. There was definitely something there between us.

However, we were still only 16 and when you're that age, you're still pretty juvenile and neither of us would tell the other our feelings. Our relationship at that time was full of mixed signals and i never knew where he stood exactly. At the end of the school year, he was dating another girl and i was dating another boy. I called him once during the summer because i was thinking about him, but except for that, we didn't talk for 3+ months.

When we returned to school in the fall, the first thing on my mind was Mat. I desperately wanted to see him. The first day back to school was the first day the teachers went on strike for 2 weeks. That day, we got out of school around 12 noon and my bus wouldn't be coming until 3:15. I was wandering the halls, wondering what i would do for 3 hours when i ran into Mat. I was so excited to see him i that ran up to him and demanded to see his school schedule to see if we shared any classes again. Then i told him about the current bus situation and wondered if he could give me a ride home (subtle aren't i?). He was already giving one of his buddies a ride home so i guess he didn't mind dropping me off too.

And that's where it all started again. We hung out all the time and when school resumed, Mat would come back to pick me up after school because he got out of class earlier than i did. We would go back to his place and eat and nap and then he would drive me home. We did this for 2 months before we were officially "going out".

Mat asked me out on November 5, 1998 and we've been together ever since. We went to separate universities and did the long-distance relationship for 4 years (NOT easy). Then Mat moved to Ottawa with me and 3 years later brings us to today.

Our wedding day is October 4, 2008 - we will have been together almost exactly 10 years when we get married.

There's so much more i could write about us in highschol like the girl he dated right before me and all of the sweet things Mat did for me in highschool....i could go on and on....

us in highschool

us today


Sarah G. said...

OMG...that was the sweetest love story ever!! I'm seriously at work tearing up because that seems like something you'd only see in a movie. Plus it helps that you two look great together!!! I'm so happy for you two, and things definitely happen for a reason.

Chris said...


That was wonderful! You guys make an adorable couple to!!

Thank you for sharing that :-)

Ms. Porter said...

You guys are a cute couple...really cute. I know you have a picture of yourself on your blog but with the hat and sunglasses it was hard to see are a pretty lady!

Jennie Thomason said...

Oh, you're both so adorable!