Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Time

I need to lose weight.

20 lbs to be exact...

I was putting it off until October because then the wedding would be a year out. But now i'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in June, which means i have to start N.O.W.

well that's just GREAT!!!

so, the question now becomes which diet do i do? I've honestly done every diet under the sun (no, seriously, i have). I've done WW, Bernstein, Curves and South Beach. I've also been to see a registered dietician and worked out like crazy. The only one that actually worked for me was the bernstein diet and that's because i literally starved myself (i lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks. i KNOW, i KNOW, it's not healthy, but it worked, ok?)

Anyway, I don't want to do the bernstein diet this time, mainly because it's too expensive ($150 a week) and because it takes a LOT of planning in advance.

So, i think my two options are either South Beach or WW.

I've heard great things about both diets (mainly that they do work). The thing is, i've tried both of them and never been able to stick with them. I don't know if my motivation right now is strong enough or not. I mean, it should be, but you just never know with my non-existant self discipline.

The thing that worries me about each diet is: On WW i'm worried that i won't see results fast enough and i'll get discouraged. But on SB, i'm worried that it'll be too restrictive or too complicated that i won't want to stick with it.

I'll have to really think about it. I guess i could start with WW and if it doesn't work, i could switch to SB. And if THAT doesn't work, i could revert to Bernstien's for an emergency weight loss.

Any advice?


Sarah G. said...

Personally for me, I like WW the best, and I've tried everything as well. Ok...not everything, but close. I did the Atkins diet, which offers a fast weight loss, but I didn't stick to it because when you deprive yourself of certain things it seems like those are the things you end up craving.

If it will help you, and you join WW, maybe you and I could have weekly challenges or something. I need motivation and I think that when I am challenged, I do better.

Lara said...

WW has always been pretty good to me, but I agree, it's hard to stick to.
What about starting ww and an exercise plan at the same time?
I'm about to decide to do the same and I'm also planning to blog about it - I'm hoping it makes me feel guilty enough to get results ;)

Chris said...

I LOVED SB diet. The food was very yummy. I do reccomend reading his book so you understand why you are eating what you are eating. That really really helped me. The problem I had was that once I was off the diet...everything came back :-(

If you can handle the cost Nutrisystem is how I lost my last 40 lbs. in two months. The food really is good (I still crave it) and it's super easy as everything is pre-made. The smaller portions really made it easier to maintain after I stopped using it too :-)

Good luck!

Roz said...

thanks guys,
Chris: unfortunately, i think nutrisystem is only available in the looks really convenient.

I did read the SB book, and i like that option because it won't cost me any more money except for groceries, but i think it might be too restrictive.

geez, i dunno...