Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday BBQ

Edited to add pics of our prezzies :)

Our Saturday bbq was great. It was a lot of hard work, but it was well worth the effort.

Saturday started with me rising at 6:30 am (it's hard for me to sleep in with a crappy mattress and the sun beaming in the window). I made my way downstairs and instinctively made coffee (thank god i worked at Second Cup for 6 years because i can actually make coffee with my eyes closed which comes in handy at 6:30 am). Sat outside with the doggies while i drank my coffee and planned my day. Mat eventually made his way downstairs and helped himself to a cup of joe and sat outside with me. We discussed our plan of attack and i was out the door to get groceries and booze before 8:30 am. I quickly realized there was a problem: the stores didn't open until 9 am...crap!

I eventually got all of the groceries but had to run them home before i could get the beer and wine, especially since i was risking the frozen burgers (which turned out to be a good decision after all) and ice cream bars melting since the woman in front of me in line was arguing about a price of an item. For chrissake lady...i have 2 boxes of ICE CREAM BARS sitting here and it's already 25 degrees outside and it's 9:30 am!!

It also didn't help that the cashier was the slowest ever!!

So i raced home, ran two bags of groceries in the door. Yelled upstairs to Mat to "help me with the groceries PLEASE" and then ran back outside trying to get all the groceries inside without them melting.

Finally got all of the frozen food into the freezer safely and all of the other perishable items into the fridge.

FYI: i bought 40 frozen hamburgers and 24 hotdogs. I also bought 50 ice cream bars. Yes, we ended up with waaaay too much food and we'll be eating burgs, dogs and ice cream bars until christmas...

Then i was off to the beer store and liquor store to buy 2 2-4's of beer and 5 bottles of wine. I wasn't exactly sure how much booze to buy for 30 people. We already had a 2-4 of beer at home and another bottle of wine. I hoped it was enough. (again, we won't need to buy beer or wine for a good, long time especially since we got a ton of wine as housewarming gifts AND people brought their own beer to drink even though i said we would provide...sheesh!)

The rest of the day for me was spent making veggie pizza, making humus, cutting up veggies, cutting up the condiments for the burgers, and then stuffing everything into the already full fridge like a crazy woman trying to go on vacation for 2 weeks with only one suitcase. The hardest thing to do on my list was cut all of the corn on the cob that i bought (and i bought 12), into discs for a recipe i found on Martha Ok, cutting corn on the cob is NOT easy!

Finally and miraculosly, everything gets done....except that it's 4:30 and i'm supposed to pick someone up at 5 and it'll take me 30 minutes to get there and i'm sweating like a pig! So...i hope into the cold shower, towel off, pull my hair in to a pony-tail (not how i wanted to wear my hair) and drive like a maniac. I'm late, of course....

And then, the party starts. The doggies are clean and got their nails clipped. People start pouring in. I give everyone a 10 minute tour of the house. They oooo and ahhhh and then i offer them a drink and shuffle them outside where there's appetizers and chairs, and immedately greet the next group coming through the front door.

I'm fortunate to have such a great bunch of friends! Everyone got along great and thankfully needed very little of my attention to make sure they were talking.

It was great to see people whom i haven't seen in too long.

It was also very nice to get a bunch of bottles of wine ;) we also got a gift card and a "cleaning bible" and a serving platter. Our friends are great.

And before you ask....yes i did take pictures! But only of the gifts because i was too busy to take pictures of the party.

I was going to post them today, but realized that i left the usb cable for my camera at home. I promise to post them tonight.

Oh, and i also took some pictures of the house and the rooms we painted so stay tuned for those too.

Needless to say, i spent almost the whole day on Sunday sleeping. I didn't mean to, but after i got up again at 6:30, went to church, had breakfast and strolled around Westboro, i needed a nap. I immediately crashed on my bed around 1 pm and didn't wake up until 5:15!! eek. I immediately felt bad for having "wasted" the day, but i think my poor body really needed the rest. There's not much else we can do to the house anyway after the last 2 weeks of painting etc.!

Now our house feels livable having finished the majority of the painting and having our friends over to give it their blessing :)

All of our housewarming gifts (not present in photo: homemade cookies from Bonnie (my friend, not my doggy) and a bottle of wine from Meg and David which we were given the day we moved in and - of course - consumed)

Card from Meg and David

Bottle of wine from Bonnie and Garry (again, Bonnie also made dee-licious homemade cookies but most of them were devoured at the bbq and then Mat and i polished them off at breakfast Sunday morning...)

Bottle of wine from Shannon and Justin complete with beautiful and luxurious wine cozy

Bubbly from Eric and Christina

Bottle of wine from Mat's co-worker Veronica and Husband

Bottle of wine from Mireille and Nicolas

Bottle of wine from Mat's cousin, Jeff

The Cleaning Bible, also from Mireille and Nicolas

Gift card to HBC from Phil, Helen and Tuan. Gift card hold hand-made by Helen

And a close up of the beautiful hand-made holder

Serving platter from Yasmine and Camila

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