Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lululemon lacks metta

Went to Lululemon today to exchange a gift, and couldn't get over the 'tude i got from the staff.

Here's what i sent to their feedback department:


My in-store experience left much to be desired, unfortunately.

When I asked one girl (after she asked if she could help) if she had the hoodie I was holding in a different size, she said “everything we have is out”. Ok…I started to look through the piles of sweaters on my own. Then I asked her if another store might have it since I couldn’t find it on the table, she responded “I don’t know off the top of my head”. I asked her if she would be able to call and she said she could, and then walked away to ask someone else if they needed help. She seemed annoyed that I took her up on her offer to “help” me.

When I went to the cash to exchange the hoodie for one that was given to me as a gift, the girl (different from the one who “helped” me earlier) announced that I had “just made it”. Confused, I asked her what she meant and she said “you only have 2 weeks to return or exchange. You just made it”. I looked at the receipt and according to the date on the receipt I still had 5 whole days left to return or exchange the item, even though it said Holiday gifts could be returned or exchanged until January 2011.

Not sure if the staff were having an off-day, but I did not have a pleasant experience in the store, and quite honestly felt snubbed and like I didn’t belong there for some reason. As someone who practices yoga, this really bothers me because Lululemon is a yoga clothing store, and yoga is about respecting, embracing and being kind to others. Not snobby and rude.

Just thought I’d share.


What's been your experience at Lululemon?


Lori said...

I haven't been to Lululemon in ages. I've always found them to be very helpful (but a bit on the snooty side).

I hate that in times like these, when stores are begging for customers, that they would even take a single customer for granted.

Hope they get back to you and want to make amends.

Somekindofmom said...

My experience with Lululemon is that nothing but the headbands fit me.