Monday, January 11, 2010

It's time

My goal for 2010 is to be proud of the way I look.

For the last year (2 years ?) I have looked at myself in the mirror and been less than thrilled with what I see.

Now I look at myself in pictures people take of me and I hate them all. It never used to be that way.

I’ve put on weight over the last few years and it’s really starting to show as “too much”.

I’m buying more and more clothes because the ones I currently have continue to look less and less attractive on me.

I’m constantly uncomfortable in jeans and always default to yoga pants if I’m at home.

I have always struggled with my weight and have tried countless diets including supervision with a registered dietician with no success.

I feel like I’m letting myself down by not enjoying who I am and how I look. I don’t want to regret my 20’s and 30’s because I’m overweight. I don’t want to ask everyone to delete the pictures they’ve taken of me.

It’s time to turn this around.

I’m lazy and I’m sure that will never change.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to take control of my weight, exactly, or when for that matter, but I am declaring to the universe that I realize it is time!

It’s definitely time.


Betsy Mae said...

I don't think I've gained weight, I don't know really but I am getting older and things are changing. I'm not an active person and I am insecure about exercise because I am so out of shape and uncoordinated! But the fact of the matter is, exercise is good for me/us and will make me feel better about myself so I need to somehow dig down and find the love for it! If you can figure it out pls let me know.

SC said...

That's an awesome attitude to have Roz. I feel the same way to be honest... slowly, little by little a few pounds here and there adds up and 5 years ago I wanted to drop 10 pounds, now its 25 - and I haven't done anything different. I think its just life that gets in the way of being super healthy and super active. My goal this year, is to keep like simple. I don't think you need a major 'drop the weight' plan, you need to add in some SIMPLE additions to your life, that will make an impact. For me its starting by a workout on Saturday mornings... its more than I do now, so I want to build that in, and hopefully get to two workouts a week by the spring. Add in a few more 'light'meals ... and I think I will be onto something.

Anyways ... good luck - you can do it.

Joyce said...

It's weird to hear that you struggle with how you know you were the "HOT" Second Cup girl with all the guys from RBC, right?!?

Roz said...

Ha! Joyce - i don't think there was much competition standing next to Wally and Dave all day, everyday...

Roz said...

But thank you :)