Tuesday, February 23, 2010

weight update

Since my last post on my weight, a few things have happened:

1) I had my annual physical appointment. I knew going in i had gained quite a bit of weight and told the nurse who took my measurements and vitals that i didn't want to know the number. He was kind, and didn't tell me. When my doctor came in to carry on with the rest of the appointment, we talked about a lot of things (when i might be having kids, how certain prescrptions are working for me etc. etc.).

When i thought we had finished all of our discussions, she pulled up a graph on her computer. It was a chart of my weight. The line had spiked from last year.

She turned around and said "i see you've put on some weight since your last visit".

"mmm hmmm" i answered

"are you concerend about this?" she asked.

"well.....are you?" i asked back

"well......" i could see she was searching for a way to be nice about it

"it's not a problem today, but if it continues like this, it could be a problem down the line. Weight starts to wear on your joints and other things. If it continues, you might need to worry about blood pressure and diabetes" she answered.

Then she continued "do you exercise?"

"no" i answered - i didn't even try to bluff it

Our discussion went on about why i think i've gained weight (i flat out told her that i'm lazy and i don't exercise and i eat out regularly).

She strongly encouraged me to exercise on a daily basis, which let's face it, is a polite way of saying "you're overweight"

So, of course, i know i need to lose weight. It was super hard hearing it from my doctor, but i think i needed that talk, that scare. I needed someone to look me in the eye and say "Roz. You need to lose weight. Now".

2) I've been working out every weekday. I didn't work out during my conference or the week after (i wasn't looking for excuses not to work out, but when you work 16 hour days for a week there is literally no time for a workout. The week following the conference i went to bed incredibly early every day because i could barely muster enough energy to dress myself in the morning).

It's going well. Don't get me wrong - i HATE exercising with a passion. Ho boy! i am ANGRY at the world for the first 10 minutes of my workout. You should see me (well, no you shouldn't - no one should, not even my dogs who - i'm not even kidding - i lock out of the room when i workout). My faced is scrunched, i scowl at the t.v., i yell at Jillian Michaels to SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP. But it's going well for a few reasons:

a) I WANT and i FEEL like eating healthier because i don't want to undo what i just struggled to do that morning. This, i would like to add, might be a first for me, because i am ALWAYS craving the junk food

b) i can feel myself getting stronger. I can't see a difference on my body, but i can do a whole whack of pushups (when i started i could do 2) and i can tell my shoulders are also gaining strength

Results seem to take forever to show for me (in fact it feels like some of my clothes are even tighter! ~sigh~) but everyone i've spoken to swears by the 30 day shred, so i'm sticking to it.

I was going to post my weight here as a way to keep me motivated, but i'm still not ok with that number and i think i'll save it for some "before and after" posts (let's hope there'll be some "after" posts...)


aandjblog said...

Hey Roz,

If you have a Wii, I recommend EA Active for at home workouts.

Also for GOOD healthy salads, check out Green Rebel's menu. I started making them at home. They're so good.

Good luck with going to the gym. It's not fun, but hopefully you can work it into a routine and not even think about it in the end.

Betsy Mae said...

Good for you!!! I wish you were blogging more about your journey! Another blogger is blogging about her journey and I find it really inspiring! Keep it up.

Bonnie said...

Hi Roz,

If you ever want to try a new class or something, I'd love to go with you. Maybe yoga or something?

Joyce said...

I feel for you...I also crave junk food all the time! It was HELL having gestational diabetes this last pregnancy. I have no will power, but for the health of my child...I was pretty diligent.

I hope you can find some healthier "substitutes" that make your diet a little more bearable. If you're a "salty" junk food person like me, there are some brown rice chips that are actually kinda yummy.