Thursday, March 11, 2010

Really? My clothes are still tight?

Ok, so it's been about a month give or take since i started working out every weekday.

In my last post i mentioned that my clothes feel even tighter since i've been working out, and that hasn't changed.

This, my friends is VERY FRUSTRATING.

Tell me if this makes any sense:

  • I've been working out every weekday morning and taking yoga once a week (thanks Bonnie!)
  • I haven't changed my diet (neither better nor worse)
  • I've lost inches off my waist and hips (not many, but still, inches)
  • I've lost one or 2 pounds

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? how can i only have lost max 2 lbs this whole month?

Also, if my measurements are smaller, WHY DO MY PANTS FEEL TIGHTER?

seriously -is there something i'm missing here?


cupcakecowgrrl said...

are you drinking lots of water? I find that makes the biggest difference in how my clothes fit. If you are getting more activity, you may need to up the water consumption, otherwise you may be holding on to fluid... just a thought

DaniGirl said...

Hey, when did you start blogging again?!? ;)

My guess would be water retention, too. Or maybe your skin is growing? ;) I feel your pain, sista!

Jen said...

Unfortunately it's really tough to lose weight solely through exercise - a combination of diet and exercise is your best bet. Also, you're probably losing some fat, but building muscle which is denser and weighs more than fat. In the long run, its much better - you'll be more toned, feel better, and strengthen your bones by increasing muscle mass.
I've been working on losing some weight thats slowly been accumulating since highschool too, with some success although lately I feel like I've hit a bit of a plateau. What worked for me was actually an iphone app (LoseIt), I think you can get a similar program (livestrong) without an iphone too. It forces you to enter everything you eat in a day, including portion sizes, and tells you how many calories you've eaten. You also input exercise to figure out the 'calorie bonus' from working out. It also takes some basic info (gender, age, height etc) and estimates how many calories you should be eating, and how many calories you should eat to lose X pounds per week. Basically, to lose a pound per week, you have to consume 500 fewer calories than you burn. This is working out to just over 1500 cal/day for me. It was tough at first making all my meals fit into that budget, but I'm getting better and I really feel like its been working.
Good luck Roz!


Bonnie said...

When I did Booty Camp, which I think is pretty similar to Shred, my butt definitely did not shrink. I think it toned up but my pants didn't fit differently. Other girls gained a lot of muscle in their legs. After about 6-8 weeks, I noticed my arms were stronger and my waist was a bit smaller. And my chest (which was fine!). I don't think you're missing anything - it just seems to take awhile.

I also think winter is horrible and blah, so spring will be better.

And, you are a level 2 Shredder, so clearly you are getting stronger and awesomer!

Lila Bronson said...

I feel your pain. I hate exercising! I've been doing Zumba aerobics at a local community center and I have started to feel a difference. I think the biggest part is taking the first step. Going to class and feeling like a fool and noticing that there are plenty of other fools there too!

The other thing I did was join Weight Watchers. I love fast food, but my thighs don't! I loved the online version that gives you menu ideas and a shopping list.


Alex DG said...

hahaha i know!